Juliette Jeffers’ ‘Batman and Robin in the Boogie Down’ a powerful exploration of sibling love


Review by Karen Alexander

Wham!  Pow!  Kazam!  What a show!

Just one woman—yes, one strong and talented woman—performs a most poignant and powerful story of her past, taking on several characters which tell the story of a young girl who lost her older brother at the age of 33.

Juliette Jeffers, a Caribbean American actor, writer, director, producer and artist, takes us on a journey of her memories starting from when the siblings were just kids playing in a basement.

The quirky title, Batman and Robin in the Boogie Down, derives from the games they used to play in that dingy basement in the Bronx. She first takes on the persona of herself as a little girl, and then in the second act, takes on the persona of her brother. As she morphs into the various characters, amazingly, her demeanor and face also morph into those characters!   She literally inhabits the characters she portrays. It is a rollercoaster ride of two siblings telling their stories from their own points of view in a most heart-wrenching and heart-warming way, intertwined with all sorts of people from their shared past.

The performance is riveting, powerful and profound. Jeffers showcases her versatility by reciting poetry in Spanish and even breaks out in song.

Jeffers has appeared in film and TV and has done many commercials. She was nominated for a NAACP Theatre Award for outstanding lead actress in Ah Ha Moments and Butterscotch and Fudge.

Her fourth solo show Judgment Day will premiere at the L.A. Women’s Theatre Festival next month. Definitely a show to mark on your calendar!

Juliette Jeffers in “Batman and Robin in the Boogie Down” played at the Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. Visit JulietteJeffers.com for more.

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