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I didn’t do anything on the weekend to tell you about, theatrically speaking. On Friday nite, I enjoyed my favorite pizza in L.A. at “Barone’s,” in Sherman Oaks, with my friend Katrina, visiting from San Jose. Was thrilled to see that Dave Morgan was “sitting in” with the band that night. You too can catch this exceptional artist with his own band, at the Oyster House Saloon in Studio City on Sunday afternoons from 3 till 6 (no cover charge). Covering the megahit songs of past legends (Ray Charles, Van Morrison, etc.) with simmering soul, while tastefully “tickling the ivories,” this laid back, seasoned performer never disappoints! I do have a new play to tell you all about in next week’s column….

Jackleg – Presented by Towne Street Theatre, L.A.’s Premier African American Theatrical Troupe, at Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.

In the midst of their 20th anniversary, they will open Jackleg, a comedy, this Saturday, Aug. 10, in its world premiere. I’ve been covering their productions for many years, and always applaud their vision! In summary: This original play, written by Harriet A. Dickey, looks like a lot of fun! When the local Baptist church hires a new pastor, all sorts of controversy is stirred up. As the church board learns more about him, it turns out that the sketchy reverend is “more about payola than prayer.” Causing “unholy conflict,” the backroom politics run rampant! While the board digs up dirt on the questionable pastor, he makes a little dirt of his own to hang on to his job. To book seats for this one … call (213) 712-6944 (only $15 a seat) or online at townestreet.org.

Ladies Night Update

Oops! Those of you who follow my column each week, read my story last time on “Ladies Night,” along Burbank’s “Magnolia Park” vintage and eclectic strip of unique shops. However, I incorrectly said that it happens on the 4th Friday of each month, forgetting that some months have 5 weeks. In fact, this “neighborhood party” erupts on the last Friday of each month! (Which is sometimes the 5th week.) Having raved about how big this event of 3 years has grown, I expect it will become an even bigger deal now! I just saw a “fab” feature spot about it on the Saturday Channel 7 News “Eye on L.A.” Interviewing the friendly gals at “Encore Nouveau” in their store, who actually started the whole shebang, the broadcast should draw even more interest in Ladies Night!

Back next week with more of my endless “chatter”!

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