Line-Up of One-Acts


Abegail Campbell, “Carnality”

This production presented six one act plays with varying themes and temperaments. A full range of comedy and intense drama highlighted the evening, performed by some new and promising talent. A brief summary of each act:

Apres Opera featured the absurdity of reconciling lovers whose lives have taken radical turns. Peter (Jeremiah Ocanas) waits in hopes that recent girlfriend Karen (a comely Renee Kaminsky) shares the same feelings. Unfortunately, she is engaged to Duncan (Kenneth Sousie), a narcoleptic. Ditzy waitress Nichole Joubert adds to the fun.

Divorcées that retain the passion but nothing else composes Carnality. Ben (Sam Forest) is the typical man-child still hot for corporate Michelle (Abegail Campbell). They share only a desire for each other.

A spoof in the vein of Dr. Strangelove highlights Seeing the Light. Two desk jockeys (Thaine Allison & Richard Lewis Warren) whose only concern is maintaining missile strike capabilities becoming unglued by the thought of actually doing their jobs. Their supervisor (Theodore Mark Martinez) calms them by placing an order for lunch.

One for the Road was heavy-handed and overly didactic. The cast (Sam Forest, Raphael, Nichole Joubert, and Theodore Mark Martinez Jr.) was burdened by a script that was dated and served no point, other than the political reaction of its writer.

Which was fortunately followed by Funeral Parlor, about a widow (Renee Debevoise) who learns from her late husband’s train companion (Kenneth Sousie) how to truly grieve, bestowing a true gift.

Mere Mortals showed that even gruff construction workers have a gentile side. Played with aplomb by Robert DiTilio, Beau Abbate & Richard Lewis Warren.

May 22 – 23
The Actors Workout Studio
4735 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91602

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