Living in the Aftermath

Ellen Woglom.

Ellen Woglom.

One of the great tragedies of modern life is that what was once considered unthinkable has now become commonplace. Add to that the fact that the American media have gotten into a habit of rushing from one news-porn site to the next like groupies following their favorite jam band on a summer tour. Yet in the wake of every horrifying story, after the microphones and cameras are packed up and trucked to the next location, the quiet human tragedies of lives shattered by circumstance and fortune are just beginning to unfold. Writer/Director Andrew Robinson’s movie “April Showers,” based on his experiences as a survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School shootings, takes a long look at the harrowing days such survivors must endure.
The film, which stars Tom Arnold, Ileana Douglas, Kelly Blatz and Ellen Woglom, will open in cinemas April 24th, soon after the 10th anniversary of Columbine. On May 5th, it will be available on DVD exclusively at IndieFlix and for download on iTunes, as well as on Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. Yet for Robinson and for the film’s distributor, Scilla Andreen of, “April Showers” is only a beginning, not an end to itself. They have launched a campaign on YouTube called “I Make A Difference.” Their goal is to open a dialogue with students and adults alike and make schools a safe haven, not a place of fear.
“On any given day, 20% of the American population is in a school in some capacity.” says Andreen. “More metal detectors and security guards aren’t going to protect them. We have to change the way people think.”

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