Love Songs from the Soul, from Jimmy Spencer


The one and only Jimmy Spencer!

Whether it’s a Saturday night on the town, a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or simply 5 a.m., relaxing at home, in the “wee small hours of the morning,” the best elixir of the soul is Jimmy Spencer’s music, with his CD, Forever Love, ballads romantic and inspiring. Jimmy Spencer, influenced by the late great Nat King Cole, and singing in a smooth West Coast Jazz style a la Sinatra, opened his recent show at Barone’s, stating, “It’s a wonderful evening for falling in love… Every cloud is a pillow.” This imagery and his lyrics evoked the mood in a perfect setting reminiscent of old time NYC Jazz supper clubs and cabaret lounges.

Accompanied and beautifully complemented by the rhythmic beat of the Karen Hernandez Trio (keyboard, electric bass, guitar, percussion), Spencer crooned songs from Forever Love, including the perennial favorites, “Let It Be Me,” and “Only Yesterday.” His exquisite voice and overall presentation were a complete package, with lyrics revealing his heartfelt passion: “If I were the stars, you’d be the gleam/If I were a song, you’d be the theme/You are everything I dream of/I bless the day I found you/I want to stay around you.”

Music is the life blood of every generation, grounding people even amidst trying times and challenge, from the post war decade to current day. From Sinatra to Buble, Cole to Spencer, the smooth enchanting melodies comfort people, allowing us to forget our troubles, and be moved to slow dance closely, embrace and cherish each moment. Barone’s is the ideal venue, intimate and cozy, with the soothing, smooth jazz music as solace and salvation.

Beloved songs of decades past, such as “Always on My Mind,” and jazz classics like “Nature Boy,” are evocative of simpler, gentler times of yesteryear. Great music, great memories and great food, amidst a culturally sophisticated crowd, made for a most memorable evening — being entertained by Jimmy Spencer, a true renaissance man of charm, charisma and immense talent, with a voice to soothe one’s soul.

So, “when the sun is high in the afternoon sky…or from dusk til dawn, in the wee small hours of the morning,” Spencer’s CD, Forever Love, brings cabaret/swing /jazz and, most of all, love into the comfort of one’s own home.

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