Make Believe Reality Celebrates Magic

Photo by Samantha Simmonds Ronceros

Cast of “Make Believe Reality” from l, Perizad, Larry Lederman,
Kenny McGil, Brandon Scott, and Saahira.

Combining magic, music, and merriment, Make Believe Reality celebrates the freedom of creative expression in a time-traveling tale about wandering gypsies looking for a way to get home. Told through the prism of Steampunk, which blends old and new into a fascinating magic adventure, Make Believe Reality allows Brandon Scott and his fellow troubadours to adlib scenarios, with the help of audience participation.

Elf Wizard Brandon Scott and his time-traveling family break into song, dance, and sketch comedy, entertaining people wherever they go.

The charismatic Scott headlines the show, demonstrating his versatile skills as an entertainer — singing, performing magic, and setting up jokes, ably assisted by an eclectic band of fellow performers. Asking the audience for story suggestions and key words, the comedic cast advances plot through dance, song, and sorcery, with Scott demonstrating great skill choosing the cards or phrases selected by participating audience members. Scott cracks witty jokes as he performs card tricks, mental telepathy, and assorted magic acts.

The alluring Perizad and tempting Saahira assist Scott as he performs sleight of hand and mind reading, adding the sexy sizzle to Scott’s tricks. Larry Lederman provides comic relief and music skill.

Billy Revel’s jaunty piano accompaniment and Kenny McGill’s jazzy guitar playing and singing provide energetic undercurrent and rhythm to the show, enhanced by mystic sounds of didgeridoo, guitar, and pan flute as performed by Scott.

The entertaining Make Believe Reality blends comedy, live music, and magic tricks into a Steampunk tale of fantasy and mysticism.

Magic Tree Productions, Brandon Scott, and Audrey M. Singer present Make Believe Reality Steampunk Magic Theatre, Sunday nights at 7pm through October 12th at the Actors Forum Theatre, 10655 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. Tickets cost $30, but there is a 50% discount by using the password KAWOW if purchasing online. Tickets can be purchased at or 

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