Marital Blissters

The cast of “Marital Blissters.”

The cast of “Marital Blissters.”

We cloak ourselves in a thick veneer that only those who truly know us recognize and accept. With this acceptance, a bond is created, and can lead to a romance that dazzles and intoxicates. There is a lighter side to the contract of marriage, be it raising children, role-playing, or infidelities that resemble more like who’s on first. The Vagabond Players Theatre Company explores these themes with Marital Blissters.

These are three one-act comedies that reveal the comical aspects of relationships, be it a put-upon father (Thaine Allison) who attempts to control his kids while keeping his head, (“Raising Kids, It Ain’t Easy”), or a couple exploring alternative methods of kindling the fire with “Chance Meeting.”

We are introduced to Pamela (Bonnie Lawrence) and Randy (Michael German) who forge immediate chemistry. When Randy’s pal Dirk (Michael Homeier) drops by, the sparks fly. Written by Frederick Stroppel, it is a fitting tribute to the delicacies of jealousy and attraction.

“Central Park West” by Woody Allen is a comedy of philandering. Phyllis (Linda Mayer) is a popular psychoanalyst who plays it safe. Her friend Carol (magnetic Taylor Solomon) has been called over to counsel the counselor. Of course, it is over her husband Sam (Christopher Ocepek) and his recent declaration of separation.

The production, directed by Lewis Hauser sparkles. The cast is allowed to imbue the scripts with urgency and charm. Although the stories seem dated, they still pack a comedic punch.

Marital Blissters runs through June 28th at The Sherry Theatre, located at 11052 Magnolia Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA 91601.

For more information, call 818-206-4003.

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