Modern Drama


Crocker Morton (Rich Brunner) works on his script while his muses (fictitious and real) look on in a scene from “Modern Drama.”

The Muse can be a tyrant. Ruthless, yet beautiful. She must be seduced, in gentle, subtle gestures. She can bring an artist to divinity; however, her absence can cause great pain and anguish. Hence, her pixie dust is revered. It holds true in all arts, the theater perhaps is the most immediate and personal to all involved.

Inspiration can come in many forms, some as a double-edged sword. Modern Drama captures the cerebral and emotional foundations of the creative process. It is a story of a scribe who reached instant fame from his work, only to discover that the price was most dear. He has an opportunity to redeem himself and purge the sins of the past, but it seems that the attachment to security carries its own particular burden.

Crocker Morton (a superb Rich Brunner) is a proven writer that is given a sugar deal by Gordon Gordon, to ink a play with absolute creative freedom. Too good to be true? Perhaps. His wife Hillary (sensational Lisa Temple) is elated. What could go wrong? Is it their relationship? Or is his past success not willing to give up the ghost?

Modern Drama has wit and offers a piercing insight into the theatrical world. The chorus/doppelgangers are a clever device to elaborate Bill Sterritt’s cerebral script. The laughs abound. Kudos to a charismatic Griselda Marquez as the maid and an exuberant set by Geromino Guzman. Perfect summer fare.
Extremely recommended.

Modern Drama runs through July 1 located at 520 N. Western Ave. in Los Angeles. For tickets, call (323) 463-3900 or visit

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