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As the new year unfolds, our L.A. theatre scene is soon to “kick off” with new productions after a holiday hiatus. I, for one, have been like a fish out of water without my weekly dose of plays to see and “review.” Actually, stuck at home in my PJs with a dastardly unnamed flu bug for the past few days, I couldn’t have gone out anyways… They strongly discourage pajamas at the “thee-tah!” Let me pique your interest in a few upcoming January “openings,” in case you’d like to catch them early on…


Opening January 14th at The Electric Lodge Theatre in Santa Monica (a fully solar-operated theatre)
Stephen Berkoff’s powerful play set on the tough “gang-war” streets of London’s East end, gutwrenchingly directed by Bruce Cooper, is a compelling theatrical experience! Written and performed in “verse” by an excellent and very attractive cast… this is “cutting edge” genius. I caught it last year in their one-weekend trial run where its raves warranted this current four-week run. One of our finest reviewers, Kyle Moore, will cover it this time around. In my opinion, this one is a must see! On a wee personal note: most of the cast are dapperly “donning” vintage costumes from my shop Hubba Hubba! (And they look great.)

“Ray Bradbury’s Wisdom 2116”

Opening January 16th at The Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena
Developed, choreographed and directed by Steve Josephson, this futuristic musical comedy looks like a lot of fun! A loving elderly married couple of 40 years, each “secretly” purchase android replicas of their younger selves as gifts to each other. Unexpected consequences and insightful life knowledge unfold along the way… The large cast of eleven actors/ singers are said to be “top notch!”

“The City”

Opening January 23rd at NoHo’s Lonny Chapman Theatre
 Adapted and directed by Stan Mazin, this play is said to resonate remarkably to the current issues of today’s world… tho’ it was written 100 years ago by renowned playwright, Clyde Fitch, and created quite an uproar with audiences back then. “A drama that could have been ripped from today’s headlines…” A study of the small town life… versus big city corruption… we meet a man soon to marry and run for governor… as life rears its ugly head. Considered as his finest work, the playwright died before its opening night and missed the controversial, pandemonius crowd reaction!


Opening January 29th at NoHo’s The Road Theatre
Written by and “starring” the consistently riveting and infectiously likeable Ann Noble (a highly-respected contemporary playwright and actress), this is sure to be eerie and edgy! I predict still another mind-blowing offering from this fine theatre group! Always thought-provoking and meticulously offered work here… I have reviewed their plays for well over 12 years! Set in Chicago in the 1990’s, in a bar and the seedy flat upstairs, Louise (Noble) illegally rents the flat to a strangely aloof Irish couple. She and her forlorn boozer of a brother-in-law, a cop, become deeply entangled in the horrifying events of their lives. FYI: “Sidhe” is a Gaelic work pronounced “shee” which, in Irish folklore, are faeries… but I’m told takes on a different slant here.

Will tell you all about these promising plays as I see them… Enough with the holidays already! I’m raring to get out and catch some captivating theatre… and encourage all of you to do the same in the New Year. Now that’s a resolution you could actually keep!

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