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As it turns out, I didn’t attend any plays on the weekend. In celebration of my dear friend Cag’s birthday, we headed up the coast to Ventura for the weekend, and stayed with out mutual gal pal, Kay. Confirming the old adage “youth is wasted on the young,” we partied hearty! We went to Santa Barbara on Saturday night for a “fab” nostalgic musical retrospective show at the beautiful Lobera Theatre (the oldest performing arts theatre in town). Then, cocktails til closing time! In the early morning, we hit the Ventura swap meet. Then, it was a scrumptious three-hour marathon Mexican brunch with “mucho mimosas” on the outdoor patio of Ventura’s lively Joannafinas (if you haven’t been there, you must!).  Next column, I’ll have two new opening night dramas to tell you all about. Both sound compellingly involving! Here’s a sneak peek…

“Old Glory”

This West Coast premiere is much anticipated! My press release states in part… “This play explores a glimpse of war and the magnitude of loss that can result. A timely play due to our current involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan… while not directly political, ‘Old Glory’ will make audiences feel and think about the prices of war.” To book ahead, call (818) 841-5421.

“Salam Shalom” At Hollywood’s Greenway Court Theatre

Playwright Saleem has rewritten and revised this award-winning play (last produced in L.A. in 2005) to reflect the current situation in the Middle East. When two males, a visiting Arabic Ph.D. candidate and a young UCLA grad student, meet, sparks fly as their differences, culturally and politically, collide. Eventually, they begin to fall in love… My press notes say: “‘Salam Shalom’ demonstrates not only the importance of communication in relationships, but also of respect, love, and determination among people. To book ahead, call (323) 655-7579.

Sounds like a thought-provoking duo of plays to review for you! See you next week…


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