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Justin Alston (l.), Brian Evaret Chandler in “Langston and Nicolas.”

No plays to review for you this time… Theatrical productions rarely “open” on holiday weekends… as theatre goers are busy with family gatherings. I enjoyed a “fab” brunch with my own family in Orange County on Easter. (…Thanks Kristen and Kirk) The rest of the weekend had me pulling my hair out… trying to prepare my taxes, to see my accountant this week. (I’m sure many of you know that feeling…) As easy as “words” are for me (chatting, communicating, selling, writing, etc.), crunching numbers is a total nightmare! I can’t add 2+2 without my fingers! I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter with loved ones. This coming weekend, I look forward to catching two productions to tell you about… Both look promising! On Friday night, I’ll be seeing Beau Bridges and his daughter Emily in Acting: The First Six Lessons, which I previewed for you in last week’s column. On Saturday night I’ll be in Hollywood, seeing Towne Street Theatre Company’s Langston & Nicolas. Told through poetry, music, and dance (with a “live” onstage band), it chronicles the 30 year friendship and passionate journey of the iconic African-American poet Langston Hughes, and Afro-Cuban poet laureate Nicolas Guillen. A huge and exciting cast will convey the story of their connection through the Spanish War, the Cuban Revolution, and the Civil Rights Movement. For early booking on this one, go to

That’s all I have to say this time… See you next week… Do get out and support local theatre!


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