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Hello to all my loyal readers… Sorry, no theatre column this week. Buried in a sea of Halloween costumes at my store, and frantically trying to “outfit” hundreds of last minute whacky costumers. I had no time or energy to catch any productions! My life has been…eat, sleep, and sell! Thanks to all of you who dared to forge the manic pace at Hubba Hubba! for the 27th year. Now, hopefully a few days of relaxation in Palm Springs should revive me. I’ll be back soon with my personal theatrical opinions, and there are a few promising upcoming productions on my calendar.

Shon and Tony

I did manage to spend a couple of hours at a joyous celebration on Sunday night. Congratulations to Shon Le Blanc and Tony Duke! A dynamic duo, they proudly honor 20 years together. Shon, one of L.A.’s most respected costume designers, and owner of “Valentinos” costume rental house…and Tony, an actor and computer whiz, have found the magic key to bonded bliss in this fleetingly uncertain world. They are loved and admired by many!

See you soon…hope you had a wildly fun Halloween!


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