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My favorite holiday card this season (my grandkids Kassidy and Keegan with Kopper). As we live out our complicated lives… it’s really all about a hopeful future for our young people, isn’t it?

Christmas is behind us one more time! Normal life, as we know it, begins to resume as we all finally finish the “leftovers,” un-trim the tree, put away our gifts… and get back to “business as usual.” A happy, healthy, safe and hopeful New Year to all!
As I write this, a fresh, unpredictable year begins for everyone… both personally and collectively. Resolutions will be made (and broken), new friends will be found and new life experiences will unfold as we carry on from day to day. Most of us are a bit tired… a bit nostalgic… and a bit “heavier” as we now try to shed a few pounds, cherish holiday memories and get back to our “real lives,” routines and world concerns. Our economy still falters and our boys are still in faraway lands fighting for our beliefs and safety. A new president and political party are in place dealing with unthinkably difficult times… to some Americans, glowing praise and, to others, severe criticism. Still… with all of our monumental issues and problems of the day (many of which I don’t pretend to understand), I’d rather be an American living in the United States than anywhere else in the world! Let’s make a heartfelt effort to love one another, take special care of our “own” and see what 2010 brings!
Theatre “openings” have been scarce, as always during the Christmas holiday “hoopla,” which is why you haven’t heard much from me lately… but that will change very soon. Mid-January, productions will start up again… and I’ll be back with my “multicolor musings” on the subject of theatrical “hits” n’ misses! Ta ta for now!


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