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(L to R): “The Drinks” Rich Dunne, Tommy Vicini and David Shephard Grossman.

(L to R): “The Drinks” Rich Dunne, Tommy Vicini and David Shephard Grossman.

Overwhelmed by the onslaught of Halloween costume business (for the 25th year) at my vintage store “Hubba Hubba!” … I needed to focus on that! I can only be in one place at a time… and the Halloween season for me is major mania! I do have two plays booked for the next weekend. Though they both look enticing, it will be even crazier at the shop by then! Hope I will survive it all… I ain’t no spring chicken! This week, I will give you a “sneak peak” at my duo of next issue’s reviews… and praise the efforts and accomplishments of Burbank’s “happening” new “hot spot,” Ciao Cristina.

“As White as O” at the Road Theatre in NoHo—A World Premiere

 A Cincinnati-based novelist/filmmaker, this is playwright Stacy Simms first play. Directed by the multi-talented Sam Anderson and boasting a fine large cast, this storyline looks like an intriguing “head trip.” A compelling journey, where the past becomes the present for Jack, a victim of synesthesia (a condition involving involuntary cross wiring of the senses). He must take on the reality of life again… no matter how disturbing. One of L.A.’s most innovative theatre companies… I expect to be titillated!

Just 45 Minutes from Broadway—Also a World Premiere

Written by Henry Jaglom and directed by Gary Imhoff, my press release paints a picture of a story about a complicated extended family of actors… (“Mostly Jewish… there’s a little Irish, Italian and some Chickasaw thrown in the mix.”). Commendably, all proceeds from the gala opening night performance will be donated to children’s outreach programs at Santa Monica’s non-profit Edgemar Center for the Arts.

Ciao Cristina

Ciao Cristina owners Alan and Cristina.

Ciao Cristina owners Alan and Cristina.

In my column, I’ve briefly mentioned this local Burbank “culinary treasure” for your dining pleasure before… but Ciao Cristina is so much more than a fine and authentic Italian eatery. Opening a restaurant in the midst of an “economic crunch” is risky business but owners Alan and his wife of 10 years, Cristina, seem to be doing everything right! Open only for 7 months, this friendly, casual and “welcoming” diner is acquiring loyal and satisfied customers with remarkable speed. Alan, a “chatty” people-lovin’ Irishman, greets everyone with a joking nature, as his lovely Italiana wife quietly prepares delectable Italian family recipes that please the palettes of the whole family. (Yummy pizza too!) With a full bar, multiple TVs for sporting events and an efficient and attractive serving staff… what’s not to like? Right across the street from Warner Brothers Film/TV studios, at Pass and Olive, they are now adding exciting entertainment nights too (no cover). If you stop in on Thursdays from 9 onward, you’ll catch the tasty musical stylings of “The Drinks.” An acoustic classic folk/rock trio, with impressive performance and songwriting credits through the years… Rich Dunne, Tommy Vicini and David Shephard Grossman will soothe your soul. They perform our “fave” classic hits, as well as original material, while masterfully cranking out inspiring bass and guitar genius! Starting up this week… on Friday nights at 10, there will be weekly pro-comedy evenings showcasing a host of L.A.’s wackiest comedians. One night last week, the whole restaurant was reserved to accommodate the Burbank Philharmonics post-concert party. Way to go! Do stop in soon and check out this charmingly “happening” and sinfully savory new neighborhood spot. You’ll be glad you did! FYI: They will even deliver orders over $20 within 5 miles!

4201 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank… (818) 563-2426.


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