No plays to review for you this week. Dealing with some personal issues …


I didn’t attend any productions. So, this week’s column covers a wee “hodge podge” of musings….

Boeing Boeing – At the Lonny Chapman Theatre.

Oops! In my favorable review of this hilarious farce last week, there were a couple of errors, which I promised them I’d correct. The closing date of the play is April 13, and the correct name of the lead actor playing Bernard, “the swinging bachelor” is not Candy. It is Cady … Paul Cady. Pretty ironic error actually, as his deceitfully funny character is anything but sweet! To catch this one, call (818) 763-5990 or go to

Mark Your Calendars

Upcoming plays I’ll be “reviewing” in the near future, for your consideration.

The Petrified Forest — Opening at Theatre West on March 21.

Written by Robert E. Sherwood in 1935, and boasting a large cast of 18 actors, the story takes place in a gas station/luncheonette in the desolate Arizona desert. Described as a “clever mash up of a love story, gangster tale, and political drama,” characters from all walks of life intermingle here by chance, facing romance, danger, and desperation. Will anyone even survive? Will true love evolve? A hard-hitting fantasy, it plays out like a dream … in a still untamed section of the American West. For seats, call (323) 851-7977 or online at

Is There Sex After Marriage?

Written and directed by Jeff Gould and performed by a cast of six actors, this comedy looks like zany fun! This is the third in Gould’s series of such comedies looking at male/female relationships. I expect outrageous hilarity throughout! An inside look at the dynamics of three longtime marriages … Six people who share a friendship. My press release asks … “Is there sex after marriage? Sure, just not necessarily with your spouse.” Also opening on March 21 at Two Roads Theatre. For seats call (323) 960-5770 or go to

A Shout Out to Film/TV “Location Managers.”

Living in Burbank, quite close to the Film/TV studios … witnessing filming is not so unusual in our day-to-day lives. Quite often, a bit of an inconvenience in my neighborhood … I want to give a “high five” to the industry’s location managers! Always polite, and accommodating … when planning a shoot in residential areas … they deserve a nod! We have Criminal Minds filming right across the street next week … It should be a hoot to watch them at work, just outside my window!

On a Personal Note:

I was thrilled to be included in the March issue of Los Angeles Magazine. A trippy “Magnolia Park” eclectic shopping guide, they chose to include my vintage store of 32 years. Though the friendly interviewer Kari Mozena didn’t mention the fact that many film/theatre/television wardrobe stylists frequent my shop, I was thrilled to be a part of her project. I thought my readers might like to see it.… It read … “Thirty-two years ago I was the first vintage store on the street. The name comes from when the boys in movies would drive by the high school in their convertibles, and yell Hubba Hubba! at the girls. I live right down the block! All the little rock-a-billy girls shop here, and people tattooed from head to toe. (They’re the most polite, most friendly, most fun people.) I carry stuff from the ‘30s through the ‘60s. A lot of young actors and actresses stop by to get outfits for auditions. They’ll call me and say, ‘Pat, I got a callback,’ or ‘I didn’t get it, but the director pulled me aside and said, I’m so glad you came in vintage.’” Take a look at her article … as she features nearly a dozen of our local “one of a kind” Burbank treasure coves.

That’s my story for this week, but as always I have more to come … As any one who knows me would tell you … I may occasionally run out of time, or gasoline, or patience … but I never run out of words!

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