No Trivial “Question”

Jennifer Hamilton, Kevin Stea and company performing “The Question” finale.

Jennifer Hamilton, Kevin Stea and company performing “The Question” finale.

Dance is often astonishing to watch but to a casual observer of the art, its abstract forms can still sometimes leave the viewer perplexed. That’s why JT Horenstein’s massive talent as a choreographer, coupled with the narrative structure of his ongoing work, “The Question” is such a refreshing and expanding experience. Given a clear storyline to be swept up into, one can’t help but sit back and be amazed by how he puts bodies into motion in the service of that story.
The tale, which grew out of Horenstein’s own experience serving as the foreman on a jury in a murder case, commences when a night on the town ends up at a tragic intersection for two sets of people. While one young man (Kevin Stea) tries to propose marriage to the love of his life (Jennifer Hamilton), two other men (Julius Rubio and D. Valentine) fight over a woman in a nightclub (Melissa Emrico). Horenstein gets wonderfully emotive performances from all his lead dancers, and supporting dancers Carin Noland, Donyelle Jones and Anthony Marciona all carve a well-deserved chunk of the spotlight out for themselves as well. The rest of the troupe, most of whom are alumni of the Edge Performing Arts Center, were all, at least to my untrained eye, flawless.
“The Question” recently completed its most recent run at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre. However, it’s a work in progress, and Horenstein has plans to bring it back to the stage soon. Keep a sharp eye out for it, as it is a moving and powerful work well worth seeking out.


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