No Way Around But Through, a Satisfying Exposé of Emotions


From l, Holly (Robyn Cohen), Jacob (Scott Caan), and Lulu (Melanie Griffith) in “No Way Around But Through” at the Falcon Theatre.

No Way Around But Through, making its world premiere at the Falcon Theatre, is a surprisingly funny relationship dramedy that “nails it” as a realistic journey into the male psyche. Even guys who don’t like to talk about their feelings (heaven forbid) will enjoy seeing themselves in the central character Jacob, played with intense angst and humor by the skilled playwright Scott Caan (of Hawaii Five-O fame).

It opens with Jacob and his girlfriend Holly (Robyn Cohen, a radiant actress who masters her magnificently vulnerable role) discussing their relationship. “The talk” is because of her possible pregnancy, and that leads to Jacob and Holly confiding in Frank (Val Lauren, the show’s superb director) and Rachel (Bre Blair, who makes you wish she was your wisest BFF). A road trip ensues to the source of Jacob’s personal demons — his juicy mother Lulu, played by the mesmerizing Melanie Griffith. Sort of a psychological session filled with unapologetic tough love follows, and the exposé of emotions is surprisingly satisfying, as well as painfully funny.

Nods to Set Designer Keith Mitchell and Lighting Designer Nick McCord. To set the mood there was a cloudy sky backdrop, sometimes stormy and sometimes with a hint of sunlight shining through. Also a fork in the road painted on the stage floor not too subtly suggested that the characters are at the crossroads of their relationships. And taking the journey with them is a treat for a night at the Falcon Theatre. Produced by Mike O’Malley, the Mineral Theater Company presentation runs through July 8.

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