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North by South Theatre has a mission to support playwrights in developing work that addresses matters of global justice and the human condition. One never knows how unusual a human condition can be. For additional information about the group, visit

In Eudoxus Julianne Homokay pens a unique portrayal of a young man who lives in a dismal basement in the San Fernando Valley and spends his time drinking Red Bull, playing with technology, and obsessively following traffic reports from around the country on the radio.

Directed by Kevin Vavasseur the production features the well-cast Anthony Cosmano as weird Travis who uses Latin as a second language as he moves through life tuning in to his passionate addiction to tech, traffic, and offbeat relations with his family.

The play stages in under an hour but requires a lot of energy by Cosmano to weave the unusual story that takes place on 11/11/11. There are many local references and landmark mentions to give it an L.A. feel, and who doesn’t love traffic in L.A.? Yet, there is a spice of other major cities as well via the verbal input of numerous traffic reports played by a number of varied voiceover insertions in the script.

The script was inventive and Cosmano was convincing as the lone character Travis who interacts with technology, but never with real people in person.

North By South is fairly new on the L.A. scene. According to playwright Julianne Homokay unusual scripts of this type — even produced for one night — is one of the possible goals as this group begins to make its mark. The show staged for one night on Saturday at the Whitefire in Sherman Oaks. Visit for more information.

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