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 This week I got nothin’ to write about! No plays to give you my opinion on… For the next couple of weeks, life is all about the Christmas holidays, with all of its traditions, mania and unforgettable moments! Theatres just don’t “open” productions during the latter part of December… Who has the time to get out and see plays? So, unless I get a “stroke of genius” by next week’s column, my usual chatty, lengthy and “opinionated” patter will be short but sweet.
I will say this… as our weak economy attempts to correct itself, the “Ho Ho Ho” spirit seems much stronger than it did last year. Many people are inviting their friends to Christmas gatherings, unlike last season, and the stores are reporting better sales profits too. Let’s try to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt and see what happens in the long run. Though I am not politically savvy, I do believe that his heart is in the right place (… and his is no easy job, or else everyone would run for office). Enjoy the magic of the season!

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