One Woman Open and Exposed!


By Natasha Lewin

Sophia Louisa Lee in her one-woman show, “Exposed! It’s Not Just Politics. It’s Personal.”

Sophia Louisa Lee in her one-woman show, “Exposed! It’s Not Just Politics. It’s Personal.”

Sophia Louisa Lee’s one-woman show, Exposed! It’s Not Just Politics. It’s Personal, begs to answer the question that social media has long dredged up: What if all your personal and private information were open for the public to pick apart? From viral videos to Google Glasses to leaked sex tapes, one wrong move can cost you your job, much less an election. In Exposed! Lee juxtaposes the possibility of political gain with the humiliating confrontation of a checkered past.

Ava Lesley Cain is the top campaign manager on the beat. Her latest client has the scales tipped in favor to be the first female mayor of Los Angeles – that is, until her dirty dealings catch up with her. After her client bows out of the race, Ava considers running herself but quickly realizes that her divorces, childless lifestyle, and drugged days of yore will be scrutinized profusely, professionally, and publically. Even as a tough dame of democracy, Ava has to choose what’s more important, becoming mayor of a major city or becoming banter for the entire nation.

Lee takes the audience on a devilish journey through Ava’s unstable past, present, and future with expert storytelling. Through paint, phone calls, and possible Oprah interviews, Lee tackles her solo show with such ease and likeability that you can’t help but want more.

The Whitefire Theater’s SOLOFEST 2014 continues through June 21st. Check out shows at Tickets can be purchased at Whitefire Theatre is located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

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