Only caught one production on the weekend …


And it was a bit of a mind bender…. A valiant effort to be sure, but certainly not for everyone!

EARTHBOUND … An Electronica Musical. A World Premiere.

From l, Chera Holland, Jason Kobielus, and Ali Perkins in “EARTHBOUND.”

ATTENTION: Star Trek, Lost, 2011: A Space Odyssey, and sci-fi fans in general … this complex musical space adventure could be your cup of tea … but it confused the holy hell out of me! I was beyond my comprehension level early on! The press release stated in part: “It’s been 100 years since global tragedies befell Earth, and now space is becoming a dangerous place. The inhabitants of ‘Orbit Body Miami’ (far above Earth) want to return to the planet of their ancestors. What will the earthbound travelers find as they undertake their journey homeward? Will it be heaven or hell?” Never afraid of presenting “off the wall,” “cutting edge” productions, Sky Pilot Theatre always makes its audience “think” … but much of this story was pretty tricky to follow. We peer into the future, on the last space station orbiting Earth, populated by the final seven human space survivors. Born from frozen embryos, they believe that procreation and a life on Earth is in their future. Written eerily by Adam Hahn, with music by Jonathan Price, and lyrics by Chana Wise … we are taken on an emotional intergalactic journey … through heady dialogue, and 17 strangely discordant songs. Although there were many strong portrayals, gifted singers, and powerful moments, the plot for me, as I said before, was difficult to keep up with. Under the edgy and inventive direction of Christian Levatino, Chera Holland (a fine actress/singer) and JR Esposito (also very good) as her husband, fared well … and mastered a heartwrenching scene, closing act one. Lindsey Mixon was a stand out as Hialeah, and Mackenzie English and Samantha Macher were quirky. The gorgeous duo, Allison Perkins and Jason Kobielus capably rounded out the hard working cast with compelling moments. In a pivotal but unseen role as “Miami,” the computer voice that instructs and informs the others … Ashley Fuller was captivatingly expressive. The detailed and trippy set design by Zachary B. Guiler, video design by Jake Weinheimer, moody lighting by Wes Chew, costumes (uncredited), and musical direction by Jonathan Price, set the overall tone with intense creativity. Fully written, developed, and performed by their own company members, this troupe is a dedicated and innovative group of artists. Their collective camaraderie and blending of hearts, minds, and talent … always motivates their vision, and production choices. Generally, I enjoy every “original” moment of their offerings, but this one, though highly ambitious, just had me baffled throughout! As I said at the start of my review … those among you with sci-fi knowledge and a hunger for unknown and other worldly aspects of life … may be titillated and entertained by this production. Sorry … I just didn’t get it!

EARTHBOUND runs through July 15 at T.U. Studios located at 10943Camarillo inNorth Hollywood. For seats, call 800-838-3006.

Loving Congratulations to My Friends Lynn Fanelli & Dave Pearlman

Lynn Fanelli & Dave Pearlman.

She, a “fab” singer, and he, a highly respected musician, tied the knot recently. I, and about 150 of their closest friends and family, enjoyed a rockin’ celebration party in their big backyard on Sunday. The array of food, booze, and live music, performed by dozens of L.A.’s hottest singers/musicians, was unbelievable! Everyone had a fabulous time … except for one grumpy neighbor, who called the police at 9 p.m., which abruptly stopped the music. However … our memories of the magical day, and Lynn and Dave’s love, will surely be everlasting!

As always … more to come next week! Enjoy this sunny California weather!

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