Only one production to tell you about this week, as the all consuming HALLOWEEN MADNESS is in full swing!


No need to leave Burbank to find a costume, as the Magnolia Park area is abundant with stores jam packed with costume choices!

And Then There Were None

Front, from l, Mark Atha, Suzy London, Vena Tolomanoska, Chris Wolfe; and back, from l, Edgar Mastin, Dmitry Bunin in “And Then There Were None.”

A humorous and quirky British “whodunit” murder mystery, written by Agatha Christie, this is a well acted and directed, highly entertaining production. It is loaded with a variety of “nutcake” strangers from all walks of life, whose paths intertwine mysteriously. Taking place in the waterfront home of Mr. and Mrs. Owen, on Soldier Island, England, in 1960 … the plot has more twists ‘n’ turns than a roller coaster. This story was released as a film in 1965, under the title of Ten Little Indians. It starred Hugh O’Brien, Shirley Eaton, Stanley Holloway, and Christopher Lee, as the voice of the elusive Mr. Owen. Ten people have been personally invited by letters from Mr. Owen, for a social weekend, though none of them have actually met him. A lovely deserted island home, with a butler, a cook, a full bar, and only boat access to the estate … each have accepted the invitation, and arrive curiously enticed. Respectful of not giving too much away, and spoiling the fun for you, let me just say … as these eight strangers and the two house employees get acquainted, many eerie and unexplainable events occur. On the mantelpiece sits 10 little red soldier statues, with a curiously worded nursery rhyme above them, telling how each of the soldiers dies … “until there were none.” After a message comes from Mr. Owen, saying he’ll be delayed in his arrival, a mysterious voice accuses each guest of getting away with murder. Then, one by one … the guests themselves are being found murdered. Can they figure out which of them are doing away with the others, before there are none remaining? A juicy little mystery unfolds. Under the playfully suspenseful direction of Shira Dubrovner, a colorfully eclectic cast of ten fine actors take us on a “magical mystery tour.” In stand out performances, Suzy London is flawless as the judgmental bible thumping Emily, Mark Atha is a hoot as the nervous chain smoking Dr. Armstrong, and Understudy Doug Haverty (who just stepped into the role a week ago) was stuffy British perfection! The entire cast fared well, and must be mentioned! Chris Wolfe as the handsome and flirtatious Philip, Vesna Tolomanoska as Vera the attractive secretary, Dmitry Bunin as the cocky young Anthony, Edgar Mastin as the General, Fox Carney as the undercover cop, Michael Robb as the butler, and Kathleen Taylor as his wife, the cook. The attractive period costumes (Liz Nankin), appealing set (Chris Winfield & Shira Dubrovner), eerie lighting (Sabrina Beattie), and creepy sound (also Dubrovner) set the suspenseful mood perfectly! To find out exactly “Whodunit” … book seats to the Owens estate today! Running through Nov. 13 at Lonny Chapman Theatre located at 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood. For reservations, call (818) 700-4878.

Mark Your Calendar

4 Murders – A West Coast Premiere, Opening Oct. 15 at T.U. Studios in NoHo

Known for their “cutting edge” productions, Sky Pilot Theatre Co. now offers this compellingly dark dramedy. Billed as “an examination of urban isolation,” this is a “surreal look at images, impressions, and ideas that poke through the clutter of the day.” I won’t have time to “review” this one myself, but one of our other writers will be there. For early booking, call (800) 838-3006.

Moses Supposes – A World Premiere, Opening Oct. 15 at The Zephyr Theatre in Hollywood

Starring Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe Award winner, Karen Black, and David Proval (Richie Aprile on The Sopranos), I look forward to this comedy! A 35th wedding anniversary party, reveals many family surprises … turning the celebration into manic mayhem … as the Green family finds that they don’t know each other quite as well as they thought they did. For early booking, call (800) 838-3006.

See you next week….

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