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I was super busy, out buying “fab” vintage clothing/ jewelry for my store. (Hubba Hubba!) Stop in … and see for yourself!

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

From l, Leigh Golden, Craig McEldowney, Chris Cooke, and Natalie Hope McMillan in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

From l, Leigh Golden, Craig McEldowney, Chris Cooke, and Natalie Hope McMillan in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

This hilarious hit musical looking at romantic relationships from many viewpoints is a delicious delight! The script peers in on the “games” lovers play with each other … and questions why we find someone we think is “perfect” … and then spend our lives trying to change them. So relateably funny! Written by Joe DiPietro (lyrics) and Jimmy Roberts (music) it is the second longest running “Off-Broadway” musical ever! I saw it in New York ions ago, and once before in L.A. and now here in NoHo. Presented in 20 storytelling vignettes, it lightheartedly looks at the age-old mystery of what God had in mind when he “coupled” men and women. The whole shebang is a joy to experience … again and again. The play’s tagline is: “Everything you ever secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives, and in-laws,” is covered here in hysterical and relatable song performances. Directed here with playful pizzazz by Gary Lee Reed, with the sassy visions of William A. Reilly (musical director) and Rhonda Kohl (choreographer), expertly rounding out the manic fun…. Once again I loved every whacky moment of this “slice of life” comedy! Tanya Apuya (flairful costumes), Madison Orgill (set design), Gary Lamb (lighting), Joanne McGee (prop design), and Luke Rhoades (tech director) … magically pulled it all together for our total enjoyment! Now let’s talk about the lively and colorful cast … a quartet of attractive, fresh, young mega-talents … all with excellent singing voices and impeccable comedic timing, take us on this journey with skill and ever changing personas. Leigh Golden as Woman 1, Natalie Hope MacMillan as Woman 2, Craig McEldowney as Man 1, and Chris Cooke as Man 2… were all a laugh-riot joy! No matter your age, sex, or romantic status at the moment … If you don’t laugh out loud repeatedly, and relate to these Battle of the Sexes “situations” … you might as well become a Monk or join a religious convent! Running through Oct. 20 at Crown City Theatre located at 11031 Camarillo St. in North Hollywood. To book seats call (818) 605-5685 or go to

Back next week with my review on Awake and Sing, opening at Lonny Chapman Theatre. Until then, I plan to “veg out” in front of my TV. Catching the season openers of all of my favorite shows. If you’ve never watched The Voice – check it out on Monday night. It is a great show loaded with undiscovered talent and colorful celebrity hosts!


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