Operation Gratitude: Making a Difference


Alaina Snyder & Sean McKenna after crossing the finish line of the Merrell Down and Dirty L.A. Mud Run for OperationGratitude.com

Operation Gratitude is a non-profit organization that raises money to send care packages to our Armed Forces who are deployed in hostile and remote regions of the world. These care packages send much-needed items such as sunscreen, baby wipes and other essentials that are not provided for them, along with personal letters of appreciation. Alaina Snyder, sister of enlisted soldier David Snyder, has taken it upon herself to raise awareness of the need to send care packages to people like her brother, and those who fight beside him. With the assistance of her fiancé Sean McKenna, owner of X-Site Media Los Angeles (www.xm.la) and X-Site Radio (www.xsiteradio.com), Alaina Snyder is the nation’s largest individual fundraiser for Operation Gratitude in the Merrell Down and Dirty National Mud Run Series, having already raised enough money to send 219 care packages to those who continue to fight for our freedom and way of life. The fundraising doesn’t stop here though: with your help, Alaina’s goal is to raise $50,000 for Operation Gratitude.

The www.xsiteradio.com sponsored “Mud Bunnies” (Alaina Snyder & Mary Hathaway) prepare to honor our troops and get muddy.

On Sunday, April 17, Alaina Snyder and her group “The Mud Bunnies” — sponsored by X-Site Radio and all its donors — participated in the L.A. Mud Run at Castaic Lake, California, to benefit Operation Gratitude. A statement by Alaina Snyder inspired many businesses, production companies, families and friends to donate:

“We all wake up and go about our days, owing our freedom to the men and women who protect us from afar, away from the safety and comforts of home. Any amount donated toward this wonderful cause is greatly appreciated.“

We would like to mention some of the people who already found it in their heart to contribute:

  • Hugh Laurie (Actor – TV Show – House – www.fox.com/house)
  • Mike Austin (Owner – X-Site Media Los Angeles – High End Media Production Website Development – www.xm.la)
  • Vince Duque (Owner – Alpha Company – www.thealphacompany.com)
  • Gino Gaetano (Executive Producer/Writer/Director – The Show Must Go On Films LLC – www.heavymetalstrawberrypickers.com)
  • Sean McKenna (Host of “Smokin With McKenna Dog” – X-Site Radio – www.xsiteradio.com)
  • John Bowlin (Owner – Drives Actuators & Sensors – www.das-inc.net)
  • Jeffery Dash (DA Photo Management & The Dash Group – www.drphotomgmt.com)
  • James Snyder (Father of David Snyder & Alaina Snyder)
  • Gail Stevenson (Mother of David Snyder & Alaina Snyder)
  • Jodie Chamberlain (Awesome Friend of Sean McKenna in Kona Hawaii – First to raise $500.00)
  • Wasim Muklashy (Kush Magazine/Katori Magazine – www.dailybuds.com/www.kotorimagazine.com)
  • Chris Jaros (Owner – Progressive Marketing & Media – www.pmm.la)
  • Ada Mitchell (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Sally Morin (Lawyer – www.sallymorinlaw.com)
  • Mark Calkins (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Darleen Castellano (Family of Sean McKenna)
  • Peter Dulay (Owner – Keyword Search Pros – www.keywordsearchpros.com)
  • Ardriel Olsen (Friend of Alaina Snyder & Sean McKenna)
  • Marry Ann Mullen (Owner – ColleZione – www.collezioneusa.com)
  • Anne Fee (Friend of Sean McKenna)
  • Robert Skidmore (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Kathleen Andrews (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Brian Behnke (Sales – Drives Accuators & Sensors – www.das-inc.net)
  • Rob Cambell (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Katie Daniels (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Ricki Dimitriadis (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • J. Benjamin Gama (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Barry McKenna (Owner – Portside Capital – www.portsidecapital.com
  • Dana Palmer (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Erin Fay Stillwagon (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Francine Toettcher (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Daniel Urbain (Camara Man – TV Show – House – www.fox.com/house/)
  • Daniel Caruso (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Daniel Dent (Omega Sphere Hosting Solutions – www.omegasphere.net)
  • Tyler Hanke (Friend of Sean McKenna)
  • Diane Schmidt (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Rich Tamayo (Owner – Tamayo Video Productions – www.tvpstudiosburbank.com)
  • Catherine Fogarty (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Chris Austin (Owner – Sky Dancers International – www.skydancersintl.com)
  • Evan Blair (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Dana Boling (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Matthew Dawson (Host of “Do Not Listen To This Show” – X-Site Radio – www.xsiteradio.com)
  • Bret Hilde (Owner – Interior Gardens – www.interiorgardens.com)
  • Kris Jung (Actor “Rex Killjoy” – The Show Must Go On Films LLC – www.heavymetalstrawberrypickers.com)
  • Val Madrigal (Installation Tech for AT&T UVERSE)
  • Pam Nemeth (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Ben Nolan (Friend of Alaina Snyder & Sean McKenna)
  • Ruben Ramos (Owner – Mobile TV Repair Man – www.mobiletvrepairman.com)
  • Frank Skinner (Friend of Alaina Snyder)
  • Pat Taylor (Owner – Hubba Hubba! – Vintage Clothing Store – 3220 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank)
  • Joe Villegas (Music Artist – Pig Money – www.pigmoneymusic.com)
  • Chuck Alton (Voice Over Artist – www.themightyvoice.com)

If you are interested in helping Alaina Snyder continue to raise money for this cause please go to: www.active.com/donate/OperationGratitude/AlainaS. For additional information, please contact Alaina Snyder via email: alaina@alainasnyder.com

Our Men and Women Deserve Our Gratitude!!!

(A hint to: Burbank Noon Rotary Club, Burbank Moose Lodge, North Hollywood Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club of Burbank, Burbank’s Elks Lodge, Burbank Masonic Lodge, North Hollywood Masonic Lodge, NBC, Disney, Universal, Sony Studios, Fox, Warner Bros. and all like organizations and corporations.)

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