Passengers on the Journey of Life


Life is a journey, death a destination… with each age and stage, from innocence to maturity, health to sickness and back to health again… come passages, each of us a passenger in this game of life. Sam Bobrick, the talented playwright (Norman, Is that You? and Murder at the Howard Johnsons), once again shows his innate ability with this play’s sharp wit, dry humor, and impeccable comedic timing. Bobrick brings us Passengers: Eight Short Plays, vignettes set at a Midwestern bus station, where a mélange of characters unite, reacquaint, and share stories and secrets in a seemingly impersonal, yet intimate venue.

A bus station, like a bar, is the quintessential meeting place where everybody knows your name.

It feels safe to bare one’s soul to a complete stranger on a bus, train, or plane; the play elaborates on this very concept: ‘What happens at the bus station, stays there.’

Bobrick has a knack for tying everyday mundane routines and conversations into the intrigue and mystique of death.

The opening scene introduces a main character, Howard (Michael Coons), waiting at the bus depot indefinitely, pondering whether he and fellow passengers are indeed alive or dead.

In a Heaven Can Wait style sketch, the characters reflect on their lives, and the impact made on loved ones.

Deep revelations and pithy insights are gleaned from the play’s dialogue and true to life scenarios.

“Passengers” plays through August 28th on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. at The Raven Playhouse located at 5233 Lankershim. Tickets can be reserved by calling 818-206-4000 or at

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