Peter Fogel’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part…You First’ lampoons love and marriage


One-man show chronicles fear of commitment and eternal bachelorhood

As the crowd sat in anticipation of comedian Peter Fogel’s one-man show Til Death Do Us Part…You First on February 24th we were entertained by a slideshow featuring internet-style memes and comic strips about love, marriage and the battle of the sexes—a preview of what we were in for. And when Fogel took the stage he wasted no time. This was his story—his sad, yet hilarious love story.

An experienced stand-up comic, Fogel made the stage his own, immediately breaking the fourth wall. We were his friends, and this is his home—in the spotlight—with us hanging on his every word, pun and punchline.

Aided by occasional video vignettes, Fogel took us back to an early relationship fiasco on a seesaw at just age nine (“and-a-half”). Fogel has been his own worst enemy with the opposite sex: “The longest relationship I’ve had is with T-Mobile,” he joked.

Though Fogel defines singledom as “independently owned and operated” and muses that “women should come with instruction manuals” he lets us in on his secret: he wants a soulmate. Til Death appears to be a reconciliation of his fears, his vulnerabilities and his lifelong unwillingness to sacrifice his stand-up comedy career in the name of “stability.”

Though a few verbal fumbles created an aura of hurriedness, Fogel opened his heart, using Til Death as his manifesto on love and life.

To catch this very sweet and very funny one-man show next time around visit for more information.

“Til Death Do Us Part…You First” starring Peter Fogel was part of Solofest 2017 at Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.  

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