Q&A with the Writers of Jitterbug Lift


By Diane Skwarek

From l, Authors Dominic Oliver, Kaenan Oliver, and Jay Flynn write together as Oliver Flynn.

From l, Authors Dominic Oliver, Kaenan Oliver, and Jay Flynn write together as Oliver Flynn.

[Jitterbug Lift was originally reviewed in our Dec. 11, 2013 edition.]

Q: How did y’all meet? What made you decide to write as a team?

Dominic Oliver: I had an idea for a film script and met Jay, who loved the same sci-fi and adventure films I did.

Jay Flynn: When we first started working together, I could rapidly see that each of us had strengths and it just made sense to work together.

Kaenan Oliver: Dom told me about the sci-fi project and I wormed my way in with comments they liked.

Q: Jitterbug Lift is your first novel. What sparked the idea?

DO: We met with a company exec at Fox studios, who wanted a project about the Berlin Airlift. When the studio didn’t make a film on the subject, we turned our best piece into a novel.

JF: I have always had a love for flying and an interest in WWII and the Cold War. I also have German roots and speak the language.

Q: Do you draw from life experiences?

DO: I focus on story. I don’t think you have to write only what you know, but what interests you.

JF: My experiences overseas and in broadcast news are a deep well.

KO: I think everything comes from experience and curiosity.

Q: Any advice for potential writers?

DO: Do what you love because you never know what will sell.

JF: Live, write, read, live, rewrite, read, repeat.

KO: I like Barbara Jordan’s quote that, “It is more important to be interested than interesting.” I think it’s crucial to be fascinated with something – anything – and explore it eagerly.

Jitterbug Lift tells a compelling story of damaged people. It is a historically accurate thriller rife with conflict, betrayal, and daredevil aviation set in post-WWII Berlin. It is available in paperback at Vroman’s bookstore (695 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena) and online at VromansBookstore.com. Also available in both e-book and paperback at Amazon.com and BarnsandNoble.com.

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