Rain Wilson: A “True Warrior Artist/Writer”


Artist/writer Rain Wilson performs in the “The Last Torn Page.”

Rain Denise Wilson, artist/ writer of The Last Torn Page at the Whitefire Theatre, states in the playbill’s intro, “As a writer I hope to reach beyond the point where I have run out of words, into a divine space where I am able to feel the vibration of light inside my pen as God makes the word flesh.”

Words, more than life itself, give this beautiful writer/actress and the character she portrays (herself), her shape — to no longer feel invisible, like an “isolated island.”

The audience, a supportive network of family, friends and community found her performance passionate, powerful and uplifting — a true gift received, with her delivery wrenching and heartfelt. A remarkable, climactic scene is when Rain painted a canvas (which she felt “inspired and empowered by the audience’s energy”) symbolizing the duality of the tears and pain of the oppressed, mistaken and lonely; and the blessings of light, hope, color and future. Rain, a warrior artist in every sense of the term, is brave enough to delve into subject matter that so many fear, and serves as “a hypersensitive conduit to the ills of contemporary society,” as my companion astutely stated.

With shades of the prolific poets and playwrights before her — Maya Angelou and James Baldwin — Rain Wilson writes and tells of the oppressed kids in today’s inner cities and ghettos, trying to rise above the mayhem of their upbringing. She describes the horrific effect on her life and psyche, of the numerous statistics and casualties, of murders resulting from “black on black violence.” One profound (among many) pieces recited in the show: “Words are hungry to put a sound to blue notes, for those who have no voice…to take refuge when there’s no room left.. words are spirits.”

The Last Torn Page will take place on March 20 at 7 p.m. at the Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. For ticket information, visit lifechangeprojects@yahoo.com.

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