Sanger: One Woman, One Story


By Natasha Lewin

Pamela Daly as Margaret Sanger in “Sanger: One Woman, One Story” at the El Portal Theater.

Pamela Daly as Margaret Sanger in “Sanger: One Woman, One Story” at the El Portal Theater.

Taking on the tough role of equally commended and criticized Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is no easy feat. Seasoned actress Pamela Daly was drawn to the role portraying the intrepid Sanger in her own words. Daly’s husband (and playwright) compiled Sanger’s most common and controversial quotes to compose the one-woman show heading to the El Portal theater this August.

The Tolucan Times sat down with Daly to discuss taking on such a provocative person:

How did you get involved with this project?

There’s so much out there about Margaret Sanger’s views on race, abortion, and women’s rights. Since art shines light on social injustice, I thought having a conversation coming from a place of love would help celebrate the character — bad and good — and spark a healthy conversation for people to share their perspectives.

What was the most difficult

aspect of doing a one-woman show?

Margaret herself was a one-woman show. She ran the ship. And since this is 99.8% in Sanger’s own words, the script was difficult to memorize because she has a specific way of speaking. She’s a complicated character — sometimes quite disturbing.

Who would you most like to tackle in your next one-woman show?

I’d like to further challenge myself and play Eva Braun.

Sanger: One Woman, One Story premieres August 22nd and runs until August 31st at the El Portal Theater. Talk back sessions with the audience are scheduled for the shows on August 24th, 29th, and 31st. For information and tickets visit:

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