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Lifestyle and weight-loss expert Suzanne Gudakunst

When Suzanne Gudakunst was shoveling manure, feeding pigs, and assisting her mother with the summer canning, she heard Helen Reddy’s anthem for women playing over and over in her head: “I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back an’ pretend, cause I’ve heard it all before and I’ve been down there on the floor; no one’s ever gonna keep down again.”
If Suzanne Gudakunst had been around in 1848 when Elizabeth Cady Stanton held a tea party at her residence in Seneca, New York, and drafted the “Declaration of Sentiments,” which sparked the first women’s rights movement, she might have advised Ms. Stanton to encourage the women in Seneca to make a lifestyle change to gain equal footing with men. Suzanne Gudakunst has started the silent women’s movement over the Internet. In the last year, the statuesque beauty has received over ten millions hits on her website from women around the world who want to gain empowerment through lifestyle change. That’s right; forget massing in numbers demanding equal rights. Change your lifestyle, change your diet and see how fast you realize your potential to achieve success. That’s why she is known to millions of people today as “Dr. Suzanne.”
I sat down with Suzanne Gudakunst at her three-level modern home in Venice, California last week for a Q&A session.

PB. Where did you get the idea for lifestyle change through diet?
SG. I spent ten years researching and conducted tests on myself and close friends.
PB. You were a chiropractor before getting into lifestyle change through diet?
SG. Yes. I went to school in Georgia in a small town called Life. I stayed in Georgia and started my own chiropractic practice. During the time I was a practicing chiropractor, I discovered that, to attain weight loss, one must detoxify the body first.
PB. How do you detoxify?
SG. You can do a pill form, or you can cut out all the junk food you’re eating – like the dairy. Cut out anything white. I tell my clients to basically eat fruits, vegetables, lean meat and protein. And be sure to exercise and drink plenty of water.
PB. What makes your procedure so different, and all the rage of the Internet?
SG. I advise the Master Juice Cleanse, which quick-starts the metabolism, It cleans you out; I did it for 15 days. You don’t eat anything, but you drink water with lemon, molasses and cayenne pepper. This method is hard core. Many people fail to make it through the 15-day period. I always advise people to consult their physician before doing this method of detox.
PB. Can you recommend a milder form of detoxifying?
SG. Yes. I recommend a vegetable fast with normal means. So, instead of having your coffee with cream and sugar, have a nice fresh juice made with cucumbers, celery and carrots. Coffee is good in short quantities, but it also dehydrates you. With your body, you want everything to hydrate you. Because of the time we live in, and the place, and the stress that people have – we are acidic. If you’re drinking a cup a day, that’s fine. But most people are on the charge of “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” So the coffee helps rev it up. If you have juice in the morning, you will actually feel more refreshed. Vegetable juices will not make you fat.
PB. Tell me about you.
SG. I grew up on a pig farm in Michigan and worked very hard. My diet was a typical farm diet consisting of meat, potatoes, cornbread and dumplings. I was never overweight; I was very athletic. I had to be when my mother prepared feed bag. I always knew something was wrong. By that I mean the food I was putting away. Early on I decided when I left the farm I would not be spending time in a kitchen to cook, just to be a woman.
PB. Your message of lifestyle change through diet is directed to women?
SG. Yes. A woman can gain equal rights through lifestyle change, beginning with the diet. I am a firm believer that the diet is what provides the energy to excel.
PB. Women are still not equal?
SG. I think it’s getting better. More and more women today are owning their own businesses and taking charge of companies that were at one time only for men. I’m self-employed. I put my ceiling whatever I want to make it. I ‘m not limited. I encourage my women clients to think outside the box.
PB. When did you first realize empowerment through lifestyle change?
SG. I had studied the women’s movement to learn that women were programmed by society to get married, raise children and basically stay at home. I decided that I did not want to get married.
PB. I understand you live with actor Gary Hudson who, as I hear tell it, grew up believing that woman’s place is in the kitchen.
SG. Gary has learned that, to keep harmony in our relationship, he is going to have to spend a vast amount of time in the kitchen when he is not working. Gary has accepted that I am an independent woman and I may decide tomorrow to take off for faraway places with strange-sounding names to gather data for my website. He knows that I will be going alone.
PB. Do you regret having not married?
SG. I would often ask myself why I didn’t get married. In my mind, there were always barriers between men and women as equals. Coming from a pig farm, I could have ended up making apple pies on Sunday. After I went through my twenties, the period of searching and defining myself as a woman, I was searching to find out what was my empowerment. And one day it just hit me. Suzanne, you were put on earth to be yourself, not what tradition and family expects of you.
PB. Did you find that woman has a better chance to get in with the boss if she plays it right?
SG. When I did that, my whole world changed. A big thing I learned in my twenties is using my feminine power over masculine power. I went through a stage of wanting to be like the guys, thinking maybe I’d be equal and they’d respect me more. Not so. It was even harder. But the moment I used my feminine empowerment to get the foot in the door, then they could see I’m really smart and know my stuff. It pushed me and accelerated my career so much faster. The respect level was there and I had respect for myself.
PB. How did your diet program become the main subject?
SG. A gentleman walked into my chiropractic office in Marietta, Georgia and started talking about E-books. I told him I am a person who will take the time to write. I am more a person who likes to talk and interact with people. This gentleman convinced me to sit down and write as if I were writing a letter to a friend. He said, “What you have to tell is really important for women and they need to hear it from another woman. My first book was Top Secret Fat-Loss Secret.” It was basically taking ten years of knowledge that I developed, and putting it in a book that women can follow.
PB. What are some of the basic rules that you started out with?
SG. Basically, you cut out any food that’s processed, in order to clean out your body. You should eat all live food, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You can still eat lean protein such as meat, chicken and fish. You should cut out chips and sodSG. Soda is the worst for the body. Green teas are good because they have antioxidants. One method of getting off soda is to drink one less per day until you can cut them out altogether, and then go to tea or water.
PB. How pure is bottled water?
SG. It depends. It’s highly questionable what’s pure bottled water and what isn’t. I always tell people to filter their own water. That’s the best way, because you know what you’re doing is correct. I grew up on well water which was pure. It was good because it had minerals in there. You can also distill water and put fresh-squeezed lemon in it to alkalize it. It tastes good and it’s really good for you. Then I put stevia in it, which is a natural sweetener that comes from a plant and 100 times sweeter than sugar. It has no effect on your glycemic index because it’s not sugar; it’s just a plant. Then you’ve made homemade lemonade with it.
PB. A good friend of mine lost a lot of weight on a diet of fish and two vegetables.
SG. That’s a good balanced meal. It’s balancing it out but still being satisfied. And when you get your body moving and burn the extra calories, you’ll choose the correct foods. When I did my detox, all of a sudden all I craved were broccoli, oranges, celery and carrots. I was not craving all that junk I was detoxifying myself from.
PB. How should one start the day?
SG. I would start out with vegetable juice – cucumbers, celery, carrots and some apples in it if you want to make it sweet. Then at noon have a normal light salad with either fish or chicken. In mid-afternoon, snack on almonds, something light , nothing fatty. Then for dinner I would recommend salmon, chicken and a vegetable. Squash and greens are really good.
PB. Potatoes are a big bugaboo. It is true that only skin of the potatoes has potassium?
SG. The skin of the potato is the most healthy part. A potato has a lot of fiber and is a good carbohydrate. In a baked potato, I’d eat the skin and whole baked potato. No, the inside is not fat. The skin has nutrients in it, but the inside of the potato has some nutrient value. It’s nice fiber and it fills you up. It’s a good carb that you’re able to burn.
PB. Do you provide classes?
SG. No. Everything is online (the Internet); that is the way I reach people around the world.
PB. How can we contact you?
SG. Anyone can reach me through my web sites which are: and

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