Sherlock Through the Looking Glass

Photo by Rob Cunliffe

From l, Sean Faye, Timothy Portnoy, Michael Hoag, and Kevin Stidham in “Sherlock Through the Looking Glass.”

Two distinct British styles and themes parlay in Sherlock Though the Looking Glass. Analytical versus intuitive, cold reason tangles with child play. Deduction fences with abstraction. We are speaking of course of Sir Conan Doyle and Lewis Carroll, creators of Mr. Holmes and Alice.

Imagine Holmes’ brilliant mind of observation trapped into the upside-down world of the rabbit hole. That is the show’s premise. Throw in superb acting, sharp writing, and you have a production worthy of cheers and applause.

We are introduced to Holmes (an outstanding Kevin Stidham) and Watson (always reliable Timothy Portnoy) reflecting that it is not quite proper without a crime to solve. Enter Lillian Childress (Jennifer Bronstrein) who weaves the riddle that entices Holmes. The game is afoot!

This is no ordinary crime wave, the victims are locked into a state of perpetual madness, unable to leave the mad world created by … I will let you discover that yourself. Let us not unfold the beauty of the mystery!

It is a most enticing production, as the Porters of Hellsgate (amazing costume design by Jessica Pasternak) are known for. Writer and director Gus Krieger blends in action with poetic wordplay that can only truly be appreciated in theater. The cast indulge themselves with a witty script. Both Ulka Mohanty and Amelia Gotham light up the stage.

There is room, room indeed at this tea party. So have a spot and crumpet, relax and enjoy. After all, it is elementary. Highly recommended.

Sherlock Through the Looking Glass runs through Sept. 22 at The Whitmore Theatre located at

11006 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. For tickets call (818) 325-2055 or visit

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