Singing and Dancing “Geek to Geek” at the Write Act


From l, front row, Juliette Angeli (Audrina), Brandon Murphy Barnes (Trey), Tyler Koster (Chip), Wil Bowers (Emerson); back row, “Geeks!” Chorus members.

As the ensemble in the finale number of Geeks! The Musical proudly exclaims, “Geeks shall inherit the Earth,” it seems very likely in today’s computer/technology era, that geeks are indeed here to stay, and are so very prevalent on this planet. The show is a musical comedy intertwined with a love story of two comic book devotees, Jordan (Jonathan Brett) and Kerry (Redetha Deason), who meet at the annual Comic-Con convention. A week in the life of attendees at the convention is re-enacted onstage. It also explores the darker side: the rejection and disappointments of aspiring comic artists/illustrators and has-been action heroes. Trey (Brandon Murphy Barnes) and Audrina (Juliette Angeli), often considered “pedestrian” and unpolished, never give up on their ambition and drive to succeed.

You can love, adore, and even worship comic icons and superheroes all you want, but the real world, juxtaposed with the childhood fantasy, creates a conundrum.

The book and lyrics are by Thomas J. Misuraca, himself a “life-long comic book collector,” who grew up obsessed with Star Wars, and an avid fan of Doctor Who. Tom truly follows the mantra “write what you know”; he states, “Every character is a little bit of me, sometimes for better or worse.” The ensemble is a tightly woven, colorful cast of characters — a rag-tag bunch, so artistically driven and devoted to their comics of choice that they explode in talent, wit, and wisdom. They’re much like the ensemble of Rent, a cohesive, connected group of “cast-offs” of the world who finds their own niche at Comic-Con, their Mecca.

Comics have been such an expressive, eclectic art/kitsch in pop culture, which explains the mass appeal of films and TV shows, from DC and Marvel favorites like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and The Green Hornet to Sci-Fi spectaculars like Star Trek and Star Wars, to the ultimate fantasy world of Harry Potter. To successfully bring this theme into the world of live musical theater, it must be done with true artistic genius. Misuraca, along with director Bennett Cohon, producer Anne Mesa, music by Ruth Judkowitz, and the support of the Write Act Repertory, accomplish this mission impeccably.

Geeks! The Musical runs through March 17 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 p.m. at Write Act Repertory located at 6128 Yucca St. in Hollywood. For tickets, visit or call (323) 469-3113.

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