Sophia Dishes Romance


Cast of “Sophia.” Standing from l, Everyman — Gavin Peretti, Everywoman — Breanna Carter, Everyman — Derek Houck, Everyman — Dwayne Stevenson, and Everwoman — Katy Walters. Sitting from l, George —John King and Sophia — Melissa Bergman.

A cross between romantic comedy and Laugh-In, Write Act Repertory’s presentation of Sophia explores a romantic relationship through songs and skits. Featuring fine performances and hilarious one-liners, the production examines the pursuit of love in often bawdy ways.

Set in the swinging days of the mid-1960s, Sophia tells the story of a beautiful, intelligent, but romantically clueless young woman (Melissa Bergman) who continually fails in romantic relationships, confusing lust with love. Set up with relationship therapist Jake Kelly (David Michael Trevino), can Sophia break her patterns and fall for a decent, everyman named George (John H. King)?

Writer/Composer Michael Antin focuses on how to create a strong foundation for relationships, and builds a sweet, fun story as much through bawdy and sometimes raw one-liners as he does songs. Most of the funniest jokes come as part of the running vaudeville blackouts throughout the show, which feature excellent timing and punch. The songs, while often cute and toe tapping, tend to follow the same patterns.

Director Derrel Maury brings great energy to the proceedings, keeping everything moving briskly. Leslie Villanueva’s choreography seems a little simplistic and static however. Rocco Vitacco ably accompanies the singers.

Maury draws fine performances from the cast, particularly the likable and expressive King and charming Bergman. King connects with the audience, and the effervescent Bergman brings winning personality. Trevino demonstrates excellent singing and presence.

While entertaining and funny, the production contains adult language and content. Sophia musically dishes on love.

Write Act Repertory presents the West Coast premiere of Sophia Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. through May 20, plus Sunday matinee on that day at 5 p.m. at Write Act Rep located at 6128 Yucca St. in Hollywood. Tickets cost $20, $15 for students, seniors, and groups. Tickets can be purchased online at or

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