Sorry… No new theatre reviews this week, although I have two promising “openings” to catch next weekend.


The plays for review that were offered to me were either ones I’d already seen in the past, geographically challenging, or of no interest to me… so I took the week off. A good choice it turned out, since I ended up in bed all weekend with a nasty bout of the flu. Actually, theatrical openings are undeniably fewer lately, due to the widespread economic crunch. Money is tight everywhere, and producing a play is quite costly. Another sign of the times… Let me take this time to taut the fortunate success of four productions that I ravingly reviewed recently, that have been “knockin’ them dead,” and have just extended their running times as a result. Kudos! I highly recommend all of them!

The Bird and Mr. Banks

Sam Anderson’s deliciously decadent performance in Keith Huff’s darkly quirky story is brilliantly unforgettable, and should be experienced by all theatre lovers. Wowing audiences nightly – they’ve extended their run through May 2nd. The Road Theatre – 5108 Lankershim Blvd. in NoHo. Call 866-811-4111.


A scintillatingly sensual adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, flawlessly produced and acted, this is a chillingly involving theatrical experience! Commendable excellence throughout! They have extended their run through April 26th. The NoHo Arts Center – 11136 Magnolia Blvd. in NoHo. Call 818-508-7101.

Divorce! The Musical

Written hilariously by Erin Kamler (based on her own trio of divorces), this exuberantly performed romantic lark is a “laugh-a-minute” delight! Great songs, and riotously meaningful “couple situations,” looking at the big “D” from all sides… selling out nightly, they’ve extended through April 26th. The Hudson Theatre – 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Call 323-960-1056.

A Don’t Hug Me County Fair

Phil Olson’s madly funny Minnesota Musical (the third in his “Hug Me” hit series), is a barrel of “small town bumpkins” laughs! Do go to see who wins the title of “Queen of The Bunyon County Fair,” and earns the prize of having her face carved in butter! Screamingly funny cast! Extended through May 2nd. The Group Rep Theatre – 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood. Call 818-700-4878.
We who live in Los Angeles are so fortunate to have so much phenomenal talent at our fingertips! Gifted, dedicated and creative actors, writers, musicians, singers, dancers, directors, artists and “behind-the-scenes” geniuses are all around us! I consider it to be a constant joy and privilege to be able to report weekly on the creative side of the “City of Dreams,” and to encourage people to support their efforts whenever they can. Viewing people, lives, eras, and situations that are out of our normal existence is magical medicine for the soul!

Back next week to tell you about Garry Marshall’s new play at the Falcon… and “Miss Alliance” at The Odyssey Theatre. “Spring has sprung…” stay Positive!

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