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Karl Ravancho as Ken Gorman in “Rumors.”

Rumor has it that Providence High Arts, in association with Discovery Onstage, has built a program abundant with talent, creativity, and imagination, way beyond these students’ wildest dreams. With massive budget cuts affecting the arts in public schools, LA Unified has been heavily impacted, experiencing vulnerability and worry. Now more than ever, in today’s economy and this holiday season, we need the arts to keep people’s spirits alive, with hope and humor.

Discovery Onstage does just that, as its mission is to develop and nurture each and every student’s ability for self expression and critical thinking “from the imagination up.” Something truly imaginative and inspiring is happening at Providence High Arts, keeping the arts in public schools alive and well, as students (cast and crew) of Rumors participate in all phases of the production, from scenery to costumes to performance. The unique combination of a wide open space onstage, active parent community, and the most supportive, passionate staff, makes the PHS performing arts department the outstanding, impressive organization that it is.

Rumors, a brilliant farce, is set in NY, the center of the world for media and social activity. Neil Simon is the consummate NY playwright, and a central figure in American theatre. At an upper crust cocktail party/gathering, five couples play a sordid game of rumors. Slander and rumors have become the fodder of so many entertainment news programs; reality shows; and gossip tabloids. Each pair onstage has major issues of their own, waiting to unfold and unravel, or even get stuck in a social noose of fabrication and deceit.

Neil Simon, only next to Woody Allen in being the unofficial spokesperson for every dysfunctional person gracing the streets of NYC, speaks profound truths about the social milieu, through the disguise of farce, satire, and cover-ups. The ensemble of PHS Arts impeccably pulls off this performance, packed with action and wit-filled dialogue.

Performances of Rumors will be on Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 19 at 2 & 7 p.m. at Providence High School located at 511 S. Buena Vista in Burbank. For tickets, call (818) 846-8141 ext. 203 or visit Providencehigharts.org.

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