Susan Laurenzi Songs Rich in the Soul”

Susan Laurenzi playing at her CD release party.

Susan Laurenzi playing at her CD release party.

Full of heart, rich in rhythm, Susan Laurenzi’s songs defy generalization but span folk, rock, and jazzy beats. They get their groove on with syncopated beats, catchy rhythms and energetic stylings. “Rich in the Soul,” her new CD, is that and more. Laurenzi projects raw emotion and tough passion in her singing. Intense yet vulnerable at the same time, she reveals the depths of her soul in performing. Her voice and sound are strong, focused, pin-point on roiling emotion and dark places.
Her songs reflect that need, revealing the hurting woman searching for love, obsessing over lovers, but through with game-playing, manipulative partners. The title track, “Rich in the Soul,” features island rhythms – Congos, syncopation – that grabs attention with its hypnotic beat.
“The Game,” offbeat and off guard, starts gently but drives to a strong conclusion. A tough, forceful song, “Betrayed” reveals her reeling and dazed, hurt but moving on. “Such a Love” begins as confession, remembering sweet times with hesitation and pause. “Do You Mind,” one of the toughest tracks on the CD, demands respect and action from her partner, taking no prisoners in getting her needs met.
Laurenzi’s songs are simply adorned, featuring strong guitar work by her and excellent, understated work by her band. They possess a dynamic vibe that blends stillness with power. They bring melancholic atmosphere and counterpoint to the melodies. Strong yet proudly vulnerable, Laurenzi reveals deep personal feeling in an honest, straight way. 

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