Tell Me My Secrets


By Matt Harris

From l, Drew Hellenthal and Hilary Pingle struggle with shocking news in “Tell Me My Secrets.”

From l, Drew Hellenthal and Hilary Pingle struggle with shocking news in “Tell Me My Secrets.”

Have you ever walked out of a theatre wishing the writer made different decisions with the characters and plot? If so, The Actors Workout Studio is proud to announce the revival of Tell Me My Secrets, a longform dramatic improv show that puts the audience in the writer’s seat and allows them to dictate the drama. Created at the Actors Workout Studio by Artistic Director Fran Montano and Writer/Actor John Loprieno, this 2005 Los Angeles Valley Theater League Award winning presentation combines over twenty years of experience teaching and training actors in professional and academic environments.

The show is a collaboration between scripted character outlines and audience suggestions, which are then played out on stage by four actors. It begins with the actors introducing themselves, broadly explaining their relationships to each other. Then the audience gets to give each actor a secret that only they are aware of, until it comes out in the performance.

The show unfolds with the characters and secrets that the audience has created. This means every show will be a completely different story, but guarantees the actors will have to think fast and use all of their training.

Actors Nathan Stayton and Murielle Zuker are standouts, as their improv skills never miss a beat and their ability to portray believable relationships and interactions carry the show’s realism.

Tell Me My Secrets is one of the most unique theater experiences out there and the show is a very entertaining and rewarding improv collaboration.

Driven by the talented cast, which includes Andrew Kirkley and Hilary Pingle, Secrets goes places the audience and actors may not expect or desire, but ultimately finds truth through the performances and development of the story.

Tell Me My Secrets runs from June 7-29 at The Actors Workout Studio located at 4735 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. Tickets are $17 and can be purchased at or (818) 506-3903. Show time is approx. 90 min.

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