The Jacket


NANDA performing “The Jacket.”

National ninja theater sensation NANDA brings their highly anticipated, original show The Jacket to North Hollywood’s famous El Portal Theatre, Nov. 30—Dec. 9. NANDA is a four-man performing arts group characterized by an impressively calculated chaos of dancing, juggling, music, acrobatics, slow motion, pop culture comedy, and high energy kung-faux fighting — all ages welcome!

The word “nanda” is a Japanese colloquialism that is best translated as an expression of surprise. It’s no coincidence that The Jacket is filled with eruptions of the unexpected, both in physical prowess, but also in the sheer creativity of the imagination behind each and every detail performed in the show.

The Jacket is meant to feel like watching an action adventure blockbuster come to life on stage in front of you. NANDA’s unique brand of entertainment is characterized by comedic randomness that embraces seemingly spontaneous outbursts of spectacle. To create these interludes NANDA has developed a wide repertoire with skill-based performance pieces, which integrate juggling, acrobatics, dance, and music, as well as a high-energy comedy-driven form of stage combat they lovingly refer to as “kung-faux.”

NANDA sets themselves apart from many other theater productions simply by way of telling the story of The Jacket almost exclusively through physical action — because of this element, all ages, languages, and cultures can engage, understand, and enjoy the show.

“We realized early on that we had a propensity towards high physicality in our shows and this, combined with our collective desire to travel internationally and bring NANDA to everyone across the globe, made for a perfect fit in transcending that barrier that language can often provide,” NANDA performer Kiyota Sage commented.

Tickets available online at or by phone at (818) 508-4200. Tickets are on sale now and can also be purchased at

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