The Late Henry Moss


By Bea Wolff

From l, Joe Dallo, Ivet Corvea, and Gary Werntz in “The Late Henry Moss.”

Celebrated playwright San Shepard brings to the stage a gripping story of two sons coping with their father’s death in The Late Henry Moss. Produced by Ronnie Marmo, set in the realistically depictedNew Mexico bungalow designed by Joel Daavid, and enhanced with choreographed lighting and sound by Matt Richter, this powerful Theatre 68 production is interpreted with sensitivity and humor by director David Fofi. It is also a tour de force for the ensemble of actors who all deliver stellar performances.

Ronnie Marmo plays the elder son and exhibits a deep emotional range, revealing himself to contain within himself a tough New Yorker, a fragile little boy, and a wise “keeper” of the truth. Michael Blum passionately depicts the younger son, perched on the brink of psychosis as he strives to uncover the truth of his childhood and his father’s death. The centerpiece character of the father, with his bombastic, overbearing personality that veils his lost soul, is played to perfection by Gary Werntz. The seductress is portrayed with relish by Ivet Corvea who represents desire and wisdom, wrapped beautifully in a stripper’s taut body. The comic relief is provided with impeccable timing by Joe Dalo, the taxi driver, and Gil de LosSantos, the gentle, self-deprecating neighbor. The cast is rounded out with Paul McGee and Jake Christian, who provide a comedic moment as mortuary attendants.

More than a remembrance of things past, Shepard delves into ethical questions about the consequences of immoral behavior and illusions, courageously delivered by Theater 68 in an unforgettable theater experience.

The Late Henry Moss runs through July 29 with performances on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. All performances will be held at Theatre 68, located at 5419 West Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. General admission is $25.00.  For reservations, call (323) 960-5068 or reserve online at:

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