The Once and Future King


Not many people get a second chance at life on earth, but when you’re the King of Rock and Roll, you get special “do-over” privileges. Elvis Presley may have squandered his looks and talent on a prodigious drug habit the first time around, but in his new incarnation, “Elrus Pearsley,” he’ll be showing the world just how good he can be. In a special celebration, Elrus’ “Taking It to the People” tour arrives at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk on August 16, the 33rd anniversary of his original demise.

“My mission in life is to return love to the world,” says the reborn King. “People will get to hear some new music, some old music, some classics, and some songs that get wrapped around the classic Elvis style with a modern-day beat.”

Helping Elrus mount his attack are the Sweet Icings, backup singers and dancers with a lot more eye appeal than the Jordannaires. Hosted by “Big Mike,” the evening also promises special surprises with comic guests Eddie Barojas, Henrietta Komras, and Bethany Dwyer, along with Froy and Matt from truTV’s Operation Repo.

Elrus Pearsley was born at the exact moment Elvis Presley died, so his sequins get a little ruffled when he’s compared to an Elvis ‘impersonator.’ “There’s nothing wrong with impersonators, but I’m the real deal, and that’s the difference. Come on out and see for yourself, baby. Ah, thank you very much.” 

Elrus Pearsley’s “Taking It To the People” show performs at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, 1000 Universal Studios Blvd. #2222, on Monday, August 16th at 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $15, and parking is $3.00. Online Tickets are half price with coupon code “Elrus”. For more tickets and information, go to or call 818-824-6545.

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