The Vagina Monologues, April 19-21, Two Roads Theatre, Tujunga Village


By Debra Graff

The cast of “The Vagina Monologues.”

The cast of “The Vagina Monologues.”

Maxie Solters, born and bred in Studio City, produces, directs, and performs in V-Day Studio City’s annual fundraising presentation of Eve Ensler’s stimulating and poignant play, The Vagina Monologues. This provocative and powerful piece depicts true stories about women’s attempts to overcome society’s stigmas by embracing and celebrating their sexuality. The brilliant ensemble of talented thespians, all extremely devoted to the cause, will move you to laughter and tears.

Solters, in her directorial debut, has enjoyed watching each of the cast members find meaning and significance within themselves. “The monologues are so deeply personal and beautifully written that we become emotionally invested in our pieces. The group’s common commitment to end violence against women creates a special bond between us.”

Maxie founded V-Day Studio City in 2009 after graduating from USC School of Theatre, where she was first introduced to the international organization. “I knew I couldn’t stop my involvement with V-Day and decided to start my own campaign in my hometown. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this movement in my life.” Visit Maxie at

Highlights of the show include a fake orgasm contest (winners receive Jopen and LELO vibrators); a raffle of Pleasure Chest gift bags; plus Chocolate Vagina Lollipops and V-Day Studio City T-Shirts for sale. Proceeds are donated to the local nonprofit, Peace Over Violence, dedicated to eliminating domestic violence through education and awareness. Tickets at:


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