Together Tonight Next C.A.R.T. Show May 7, & Drama at Inish Review


“Drama at Inish” Irish comedy cast.

It was like a trip to the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and on to an Irish village — with the opportunity to intermingle with the locals as a theatre troupe transforms their lives. That’s what Drama at Inish, a comedy by Lennox Robinson, is all about. It is a story well told by the California Artists Radio Theatre repertory players, who produced the lilt of Irish laughter throughout the delightful show.

The radio production flowed easily from the characters who have an awakening thanks to a theater experience. At the center of all the drama are the visiting actors, played with delicious self-importance by John Lee and Samantha Eggar, as the grand dame of the stage. Pent-up emotions were exposed by the family of innkeepers, played by John O’Callaghan, Richard Herd, Patricia Herd and Peggy Webber McClory — who also produced and directed the show. The rest of the stellar ensemble included Annie Gagen, Cornelia Hayes O’Herlihy, Ian Abercrobie, James Lancaster, Phil Proctor, Joe Flood, Tim Murphy and with John Harlan announcing.

The next C.A.R.T. show is set for Saturday, May 7, with Norman Corwin’s Together Tonight: Hamilton-Jefferson-Burr, which proclaims, “Anything is possible in love, war and politics.” Presented in classic radio drama style, Together Tonight is a “meeting of the minds” conversation between historic figures. The scrappy Aaron Burr is portrayed by Phil Proctor, the elitist Alexander Hamilton by John Lee and the down-to-earth Thomas Jefferson by Monte Markham. Richard Herd will be the Moderator and Samantha Eggar the Narrator. Playwright Corwin has brought the founding fathers to life with honesty and a dose of humor.

Together Tonight is at the Beverly Garland Hotel’s Little Theatre located at 4222 North Vineland (south of Moorpark) in North Hollywood. Tickets are $10 for seniors and students, $20 general admission. For reservations, call (213) 683-3422 or go to and order through PayPal. A 7 p.m. show will be added if the 1:30 performance is sold out. Please ask if interested in the evening show.

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