Valley Resident Mama Helene to Make Comeback


Headlining Ha Ha Cafe October 14th

Helene Frances.

Helene Frances.

Mama Helene Frances is booked to make her comeback stage appearance doing comedy at the Ha Ha Café on October 14, 2009 at 8:45pm.
Mama Helene, a resident of the San Fernando Valley, recurred on the Young and the Restless TV show in the 80’s. She reached co-star billing in several television shows including Last of the Great Survivors, a movie in which she played opposite Pam Dawber and James Naughton. Helene also had a disco hit “Woman-Child” that was popular around that time too.
With the birth of her fourth child, twenty-two years ago, Helene dropped out of the entertainment field to be a full-time mom and raise her youngest child, Gregory. Life was far from easy for this spunky, divorced, single Valley mom. She battled, and won, a bout with cancer ten years ago (being kept alive on life support for nine days after surgery!). She’s had a stalker/burglar who was obsessed with her and who stole all her valuables but Mama Helene remains positive through all the adversity.
Going back to school, Helene even became a real estate broker but the crashing market caused her to seek more work in a variety of fields. Taking stock of her life recently, Helene realized that “laughter is the best medicine.” Mama Helene began writing her own jokes and knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life: “Make people laugh, and to laugh right along with them. I want to play every popular club from here to the East Coast and back again! That would really be great!”

Ha Ha Café is located at 5010 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA. For more information, contact Judy Gainer at Hotstar Properties PR at (818) 373-1333.


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