‘When Wrong is Right’ spins moral compass on the dance floor


Review by John K. Adams

How do you deal with an inhuman con man, apparently above the law…murder him?

Playwright/producer/director Thomas Prosser, proposes vigilante justice in When Wrong is Right at the Eclectic Company Theatre, based on actual events in Depression era Kansas.

The play portrays quack doctor James King (Jaques Feydont) “restoring lost virility” via unlicensed goat gonad implants and sponsoring a dance marathon to sell energy pills to a gullible public.

Many have died. Many would kill him. Is there another way?

Murder may seem to be a desirable solution at times. But once you get started, why stop at one? Deserving targets abound. Naturally, Prosser’s characters would only kill those who deserve it.

A difficult challenge in lesser hands, Prosser stages most of the drama with two thirds of his numerous characters nearly asleep, struggling through the marathon. This visual metaphor of a population oblivious to their oppression rings true. Each dancer gets their poignant moment to describe how they arrived at this despairing, last chance opportunity, and why they don’t just leave their abusive circumstances.

This night, the cast consisted of Zach McMahon (Tyler Peach), Robbie Stubbs (Billy Boyd), Stephen Loftin (Shipwreck Shannon), Pantelis Kodogiannis (Stephen Rutherford III), Nora Yessayan (Ginger Peach), Mary Deaton (Kelly Cook), Finn Snyder (Marty Page), Terry Finn (Fern Packwood), Thomas Prosser (Bonny Peach), Brittney Levine (Anna Preakness) and Laura Owen (Roxie Blue).

“When Wrong is Right” is staged through May 7th at Eclectic Company Theatre located at 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Valley Village. For tickets and information visit EclecticTheatre.org.

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