Heavy metal singer reveals softer side in satisfying solo debut release

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Zaragoza of the metal band Sinicle displays his range with new acoustic LP ‘Child of The Sun’

With assistance by Jon K.

“Instead of screaming about what’s wrong in the world, I’m singing about what’s right,” explains up-and-coming singer/songwriter Zaragoza (nee Andrew Zaragoza).

Up to now, the Musician’s Institute-educated 28-year-old was best known as the front man of the L.A.-based heavy metal band Sinicle. His new project is more in the vein of John Mayer or Dave Matthews with influences from Dylan to the Beatles—a departure from what audiences expect from him. “It’s a side of my artistry that hasn’t been expressed until now,” he says. “It was a natural progression.” What hasn’t changed? “When I play I let all my energy and emotions out.”

Originally from Reno, Nevada, Zaragoza was born into music. His late father, known as Z Blues, was an ace harmonica player who fronted blues bands. Jamming in the garage at all hours was a family pastime. “My father instilled in me how important it is to play from the soul,” he says.  After years of recording and touring, including opening Ozzfest in 2016, Sinicle took a hiatus last year, giving Zaragoza a chance to focus on solo work.

His just-released debut LP, Child of The Sun, showcases the intensity of a rock performer approaching the acoustic guitar percussively, highlighting harmonics and tapping techniques. “I acknowledge these roots, but the sound allows me to go deeper into a softer, acoustic realm,” he explains. Songs like the catchy “Caterpillar” demonstrate that Zaragoza can also craft solid pop tunes.

Working with veteran producer Mikal Reid (Mick Jagger, Ben Harper), the tracks include full production with drums and bass but two are stripped down with only guitar and Zaragoza’s whisky-soaked vocals.

Life experiences guide the themes of his songs, especially the transforming warmth of a deeply loving relationship. “We’re in a cultural cycle,” he explains. “The backlash is to go back to the basics: Love is the most basic human need. My music is not about me, it’s about us.”

To hear the music and more visit zaragozamusician.com.


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