What Advice Would You Give Young People to Succeed in Life?

“Make honesty a commit-ment and a practice. Whenever you are in a crisis, or whenever you just think about it, ask your-self if you are being completely honest with yourself. Honesty with others has more wiggle more ~ sometimes the truth is a bit brutal, but always be honest with yourself. Honesty is a mus-cle; work it and you will grow strong!”
~ SUSAN OLSEN, “Cindy Brady” of ‘The Brady Bunch’

Make-Up Your Halloween Fantasy At Cinema Secrets!

Make-Up Your Halloween Fantasy At Cinema Secrets!

October 2, 2014 • Section: Cover Story

By Sal Rodriguez With department store make-up counters offering their cold, sales-driven corporate touch, and with Halloween season Costco-esque giants blotting the landscape, Burbank’s own Cinema Secrets brings to the table three generations of cosmetic and special effects expertise. Founded in 1985, with their original location across from NBC studios on Olive Avenue, this family […]

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Gary Peterson’s Supernatural Show Is Sure to Delight All Ages! (0)

Gary Peterson’s Supernatural Show Is Sure to Delight All Ages!

“This is our most spectacular production to date,” says Gary Peterson about his latest show Supernatural: An Undying Love Story. Peterson is considered not just a magician, but a grand illusionist, meaning his illusions are much larger in scale than the typical card trick magician that people are used to. “We basically combined Vegas scale […]

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10-01-14 (0)


TOLUCA LAKE Beautification Team Cleans Up 134 Fwy Cahuenga Under-Pass Friday morning, the CD4 Beautification Team cleaned up the 134 freeway Cahuenga under-pass. There was a multitude of trash that was picked up. Above, the photo shows that team cleaned a lot of bird waste that was on the sidewalk as well as trimmed shrubs […]

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The Drop (0)

The Drop

The Drop Running time 107 minutes. Not for children. Dennis Lehane’s short story “Animal Rescue” is turned into a compelling, suspenseful motion picture by director Michaël R. Roskam from Lehane’s script (his first screenplay). Marv (James Gandolfini) runs a Brooklyn bar with his employee, cousin Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy). Various bars in Brooklyn are used […]

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Bruce Boxleitner One on One for The Tolucan Times (0)

Bruce Boxleitner One on One for The Tolucan Times

Millions know BRUCE BOXLEITNER from the hit TV show ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King’ with Kate Jackson; as “John Sheridan, President of the Interstellar Alliance” in ‘Babylon 5’ and of course his title role in the Disney sci-fi TRON franchise from 1982 through 2010 co-starring Jeff Bridges.  These days Hallmark Channel has him appearing on their […]

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On the Razzle (0)

On the Razzle

This charming production is a paean to a previous age, not really that long ago, but one that is now considered quaint by many. It was a tender time, full of hope, promise and innocence that begs nostalgia. Our story begins at a merchant’s shop — above the ordinary but not opulent. The proprietor (Andrew […]

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