Author Tony Medley

At the Movies

Entertainment (L-R) Rebecca Hall, Jason Bateman and Joel Edgerton in “The Gift.”

The Gift Runtime 105 minutes Not for children If writer, director, co-star Joel Edgerton doesn’t…

Entertainment (L-R) Christina Applegate, Steele Stebbins, Skyler Gisondo and Ed Helms in “Vacation.”

Vacation Runtime 99 minutes Not for children For me, the most infuriating thing about rotten…

Entertainment Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in “Mr. Holmes.”

Mr. Holmes Runtime 105 minutes OK for children Although sitting through this pic seems a…

Entertainment Amy Schumer and  Bill Hader in “Trainwreck.”

Trainwreck Runtime 120 minutes Not for children With a title that aptly describes the movie,…

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