Author Tony Medley

At the Movies

Entertainment Isabelle Huppert stars in “Elle” directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Elle Runtime 130 minutes Not for children Isabelle Huppert gives a tour de force in…

Sports Rams coach Jeff Fisher will not be earning many comparisons to legendary coach Vince Lombardi (pictured).

Pipe Dream: All the fans and sportswriters who were crying crocodile tears because Jared Goff…

Entertainment Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the title role of “Dr. Strange” directed by Scott Derrickson.

Dr. Strange Runtime 115 minutes OK for children Except for horror and silly chick flicks,…

Entertainment Tom Hanks stars in “Inferno” directed by Ron Howard.

Inferno Runtime 110 minutes OK for children While this is a peripatetic thriller/chase film that…

Sports Rams running back Todd Gurley (pictured) is no Gale Sayers or Barry Sanders.

Without much question the best teams in the NFL today include Dallas, New England and…

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