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High School Sports Bellow Can’t Help ‘Dogs

Kahree Bellow did everything in his power to help the Burbank High boys’ tennis team pull out a victory. Playing No. 1 singles for the Bulldogs, Bellow topped Glendale’s best, Ashot Papikian, 6-4, then trounced No. 2 Mike Unanian, 6-0, before blitzing No. 3 Jon Azizian, 6-1. Bellow’s three wins still left the visiting Bulldogs […]

A Sweet Design

A Sweet Design

By Margaret Cody A Sweet Design has been impressing Hollywood A-listers and Los Angelenos for over five years now. Known to never shy away from a challenging design, they pull out the power tools and any other props needed to create amazing center pieces. You’d think your cake was straight from one of the cake […]

Welcome to Hope and Change

 By Sean Waldron I take issue with Greg Crosby’s opinion column “Welcome to the Obamanation” (March 24, 2010). Mr. Crosby’s comments that America is now in “MOURNING” because a health care bill was passed to help the people of this country afford medical insurance is absurd. Mr. Crosby’s piece states that “We now have government-controlled […]

The More Complete Movie-going Experience

I don’t have a lot of “movie-going experiences” anymore.  The fact is they just aren’t making pictures for me these days.  Today’s movies are mostly in two flavors: one for thrill-seeking computer game-playing boys, and the other for Cinderella-fantasizing adolescent girls.  So once in a blue moon when a movie does come out with a […]

Will Cahuenga Peak Be Lost?

Major Horace Bell wrote what is believed to be the first book about Los Angeles that was also published in Los Angeles. “Reminiscences of a Ranger” are his memoirs of Los Angeles from 1840 to 1870. In that 3-volume book he recounts his first climb, made with fellow Ranger Andres Pico, to the summit of […]

All Creatures Great and Small Celebrated at the Genesis Awards

All Creatures Great and Small Celebrated at the Genesis Awards

It wasn’t difficult to bond with the celebrity crowd that gathered to celebrate all creatures great and small at the 24th Annual Genesis Awards. After all, who doesn’t love animals? So that’s what we all talked about: cats and dogs, plus turtles, birds, fish and other pets that enrich our lives and bring us closer […]

The Village at NorthRidge Brings Innovative Resort-Like Retirement Living to NorthRidge

The Village at NorthRidge Brings Innovative Resort-Like Retirement Living to NorthRidge

The Village at NorthRidge, the area’s newest luxury senior living community, offers a lifestyle filled with an innovative blend of comfort, style, social and recreational opportunities, and advanced wellness programs that are in a category all their own. “The Village at NorthRidge’s remarkable design sets it apart from other housing options in the area,” said […]

It’s Time, Angelenos, To Make Your Voices Heard; City Service Is In Danger!

In a previous “Trouble-Finder” column, I reported that the Los Angeles City Council seems willing to cut city services, but unwilling to cut 200 exempt council aides they’ve employed. Today’s column on the Mayor’s Office exposes the potentially corrupt use of exempt employees. Now, determining the size of the mayor’s workforce and tracking his expenditures […]

Preparing Your High School Student for College

By Dr. Raymond J. Huntington Taking college entrance exams, researching and applying for financial aid and scholarships, visiting colleges and meeting admissions counselors: by the time a student reaches his or her junior year of high school, there is certainly a long list of to-dos to prepare for the college search and application process. Your […]

She Dared to Dream

If photographer Karen Bystedt had come to Hollywood to seek a profession as a theatrical agent or a personal manager, she would have been one of the best in the entertainment industry. Instead, she came to Hollywood with a camera to photograph young actors. Karen spent weeks looking at head shots in the offices of […]