EcoLogic Clean Redefines Professional Carpet Cleaning Honestly and Eco-Friendly

EcoLogic Clean employees provide?professional and exceptional service for your home, office or aircraft.

EcoLogic Clean employees provide?professional and exceptional service for your home, office or aircraft.

The dark, filthy water following a deep carpet cleaning being disposed of means the carpet is finally clean, right? Wrong. According to Jeff DeAngelis owner of EcoLogic Clean, a professional carpet cleaning company that offers a safe, eco-friendly alternative, nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from the inconvenience of enduring hours of drying time, an immense amount of water is wasted leaving the padding underneath carpets moist, creating an optimal environment for bacteria and mold growth. Additionally, use of harsh chemicals is harmful to children, pets and the environment. Despite the risks of having a carpet professionally cleaned, outweighing the benefits, EcoLogic Clean provides an exceptional alternative that is not only environmentally safe but more cost-effective and time-efficient.
With EcoLogic Clean, carpets are first brushed to aid in lifting and loosening dirt and debris caught within carpet fibers before being pre-treated with a bio-degradable disinfectant. Once the carpet has been pre-treated, an organic material composed of numerous “micro sponges,” functioning to dissolve stains while trapping and crystallizing debris, is brushed into the carpet. Upon removal of the organic material and trapped debris, carpets are restored to their originally plush condition, “killing bacteria and improving air quality” explains Jeff, leaving a long-lasting fresh scent. On average, the entire process takes twenty minutes and, because there is no water used, carpets can be walked on immediately following treatment. It’s really that simple. But it would, nonetheless, cause anyone to expect an overwhelming amount of fine print or break-neck prices. But there isn’t any fine print and prices are based on charging twenty-five cents per square foot, which averages to $55-$75 for a typical living room. And while most carpet cleaning companies quote a price that turns out to be shockingly higher when they arrive, EcoLogic Clean is different because they have no problem coming out to physically measure footage for accurate pricing. “We’re not like other companies,” Jeff states, “we’re honest with our customers. What you see is what you get.” EcoLogic Clean also specializes in airline and luxury car interiors, synthetic turfs, upholstery and area rugs. Unlike other companies that require removal and possession of prized area rugs, EcoLogic Clean will arrive at your home or office and thoroughly clean area rugs the same day.

Owner of EcoLogic Clean Corp., Jeff DeAngelis.

Owner of EcoLogic Clean Corp., Jeff DeAngelis.

As a seasoned innovator and business owner, Jeff, 2001 alum of Boston University, is no stranger to creating smart, safe eco-friendly alternatives. Before establishing EcoLogic Clean, he invented one of the first animal safety devices through his company Evolution Products in Austin, Texas that was widely used throughout the government as a humane way to rescue and restrain animals. Coupling his ingenuity and business savvy as a former financial advisor in Beverly Hills, it comes as no surprise Jeff would find a way to fill yet another creative niche. Taking eco-friendly to another level, EcoLogic Clean plants one tree in parks throughout the west coast in honor of every client that gets 1000 sq. ft. cleaned.

For more information, including videos and coupons, visit or call (888) DRY-ORGANIC.

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