Gary Peterson’s “Supernatural Show” Is Sure to Delight All Ages!

Gary, a lover of magic since the tender age of 12, is extremely passionate about his calling.

Gary, a lover of magic since the tender age of 12, is extremely passionate about his calling.

This Mother’s Day, step into the magic. Creator and Master Illusionist Gary Peterson will take you inside his weird world of vampires to share a rather unusual love story. Immersed in textured lighting, this massive production combines professional Broadway dancers with larger-than-life illusions to create a Vegas-style, kid-friendly experience, where nothing is as it seems and anything is possible.

The lights dim, the music begins, a fog-filled aura of light fills the intimate theatre … the air of mystique and anticipation is bursting from the show, and the audience eats it up; their eyes wide and faces glued to the giant stage. With only 100 seats, it is an intimate occasion, this supernatural extravaganza … and yet the giant 40’ x 40’ foot stage allows the actors a great deal of freedom from which to entertain you.

Gary Peterson’s “Supernatural Show.”

Gary Peterson’s “Supernatural Show.”

Gary, a lover of magic since the tender age of 12, has a fantastically engaging personality and is extremely passionate about his calling. His desire to bring to life a personal vision shows in the amazing attention to detail he’s applied to every aspect of the show. Vampires … what better supernatural ghoul to explore in today’s age? Romantic yet dark … intellectual yet rebellious and fun … seductive yet dangerous; he has put a great deal of time into this supernatural extravaganza, and it shows. From the extraordinary lighting to an incredible soundtrack to magical costumes, not to mention the skill of each and every member of the troupe; you will find they don’t miss a trick. (But you might.)

One of his considerations while planning the show was the fine line between “too” family-friendly, and just family-friendly enough. He genuinely cares that his smallest audience members come away with a sense of awe rather than fear, and speaks to them personally after the show. The biggest hit among the wee audience is the guillotine, and they are some of his best critics, praising every aspect of the show. For instance, the spider dance includes highly trained professional dancers. This show is top notch!

Gary Peterson’s “Supernatural Show” runs on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 11, at 2:30 p.m. Regular show dates run on Saturdays at 4:30 & 7 p.m. The Encore Theatre is located at 8818 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. For tickets call (818) 768-8803 or visit


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